Rave Sports X-Frantic: Nail Those Waves!

Rave Sports are known for their high quality water sport toys so much so that they are one of the only companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their products.  Light weight at only 10.8 pounds you will not have any problems with getting this baby to the water.  You can double your pleasure with this towable boat tube. One or two people can ride on it at a time.

The Rave Sports Frantic towable lets you share the fun when you are on the water. It is comfortable and easy to use, and makes nailing those waves that much more fun. If you want action you got it with this towable tube. The shape and style makes you feel closer to the water. It has a V shaped log style with mesh in between the logs.

Rave Frantic Towable Tube

Summary of Features for Rave Frantic Towable Boat Tube

  • The Frantic offers a triangle shape unique to towables and the performance of RAVE’s best skimming tubes.
  • 1-2 Rider 61″x76″x12″ (Inflated) 13.8 lbs. Low Profile Deck (154.9 cm x193 cm x30.5 cm; 5.5 kg)
  • Durable Nylon Cover
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder – Boston Valve
  • 4-Nylon Covered Handles w/Neoprene Knuckle Guards
  • Quick Connect Tow Point
  • Oversized EVA Anti-Chafe Guard

Perfect for two with the log dimensions measuring 61” wide by 76” long. The triangular shape that this towable water toy has is what makes it faster in the water when being towed. Just imagine the thrill of flying over the wakes left by the boat that is towing you. You and your friend(s) will talk about the excitement and fun for a long time to come.

Water Fun

There is nothing like the feel of water when it is a hot day and you just want to cool off. There is no better way to have fun and enjoying the company of friends than when you are skimming along the water. Especially, when you hit the waves and feel yourselves gently lifting off of the Crysis. Don’t worry, you have handles that help you to stay on the craft.

When you get off of it you will feel the adrenaline rush for awhile after. Your biggest problem will be that you can’t wait to go again. Time passes and you will wonder when it is time to ride again. That is because of the wonderful time you will have being out on the water. Water has a way of lifting your spirits and putting away things that may bother you at home, work or school.

Make it a totally fun and relaxing trip by sharing a cook out with friends after riding. That way all can share in the excitement and thrill that they experience with their day on the water. Family, friends, fun and food:  there is nothing better for creating great memories of times spent together. You get so much from a towable inner tube at a cost that is minimal for a life time of great memories.

Get your one or two rider towable today and plan that outing with family and friends. A life time guarantee ensures that you will be riding the water and waves for years of great memories. Take a look at what the Rave Sports Frantic for 2 – Rider Tri – Deck has to offer for fun on the water. The savings that you will find will have you buying more than one of these towable sport crafts. Go ahead and plan your fun today.

Order this 2-rider boat tube, and start riding those waves today.  Shipping is FREE!

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