Rave Sports 15 60 ft Tube Tow Rope

Safety is a must when it comes to any sort of water sports. Towable tubes are no exception to this. Not only should you make sure to purchase a high quality towable, you should also select the correct tow rope for the tube you will be using. This will allow you to pull your friends and family while knowing they will have fun and be safe at the same time.

The 15 Tube Tow Rope from Rave Sports is just that sort of tow rope. Rave Sports is a leader in creating some of the hottest towable tubes on the market. This has given Rave Sports the experience and know-how to create the perfect tow ropes for tubing. Why trust your loved ones to anything less than the best? WSIA standards help to ensure that certain safety requirements are met when it comes to water sports equipment.

The four different available tow rope sizes include:

  • 3/8″diameter for a two person towable
  • 1/2″ diameter for a three person towable
  • 5/8″diameter for a four person towable
  • 7/8″ diameter for a six person towable

This 60′ towable tube rope easily meets the WSIA requirements for tensile strength. It is a very important requirement when you consider that tensile strength determines how much stress the tow rope can handle without fear of breakage. This means that you will be able to depend on this boating tube tow rope to hold up to use time and again. With some simple preventative care you will be able to extend the life of this rope with ease.

Constructed With Care

One of the methods used to secure the Rave Sports 15 Tube Tow Rope is the special loop that has been added. At each end of the rope there is a 7’ loop which adds a great deal of strength to the connections. The rope itself is also made from 16C polypropylene that has been carefully braided to add even more strength.

Using the wrong tow rope can be very dangerous for both the tube riders and boaters as well. A rope failure can cause the individuals being towed to be slung in unpredictable directions at high speeds. A loose rope can whip around and cause injury to riders in the boat as well. Always inspect your Rave tow rope each time you prepare to use it.

Also check it for damage or wear each time you get ready to put it away. By keeping an eye out for wear and tear and using preventative care measures you will be able to make your Rave Sports rope last a good deal longer.

When it comes to choosing just the right 60’ towable tube rope, it is important to pick one made by a company that knows more than a thing or two about towables. The Rave Sports 15 Tube Tow Rope is just the one you are looking for. Check it out and see just how Rave can offer you the peace of mind you desire.


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