RAVE Razor Duo 2-Rider Towable – High Riding Versatility with a Tail

RAVE Razor Duo 2-Rider TowableTube  

Can you see them out there? You know who I am talking about…it’s that yellow inflatable water sled out there. Will you look at the size of that rooster tail! WOW, look how it lifts up out the water in the front and how it skims across the wakes and waves! “Man that has GOT to be the coolest thing I have ever seen!” Do these comments sound like ones you heard from your kids as they watched that yellow tube all day at the beach today? Maybe you heard these comments coming from your own mouth today while you also watched in amazement. Did you wonder what the product was that held everyone’s attention? If so, please allow me to introduce you to the RAVE Razor Duo 2-rider towable. Come along with me while we look at the product specifications for this amazing tube.

Rave Razor Duo 2-Rider Towable with RAVE Tail

RAVE Razor 2-Rider Towable Product Specs:

• Rave rooster tail device throws water high into the air
• Ride sitting up or laying down
• Twin open-round tube
• Heavy duty polyester cover, non-fade, repels water & dirt
• Heavy-duty PVC bladder
• Boston valve
• 4 Nylon covered handles with neoprene knuckle guards
• Neoprene chafe guard for your legs
• Cruise in style as the rave tail lofts a plume of water 15 feet high
• Inflated dimensions: 6 ft L x 5 ft WClick Here for Sale Pricing
Four (4) star Amazon ratings


This 2-rider water sled can be ridden in several positions. You can ride seated in the round openings or laying face up on your back or even on your belly. You choose the position and the RAVE will take care of the rest of the ride .

Watch the RAVE Tail

This 2-rider towable boat tube has a specially designed rooster tail device that throws water high into the air to add to the excitement of the ride as well as adding an unmistakable plume of water to make the towable more noticeable for safety purposes…or… attention purposes. That’s probably what got your attention as well as the attention of your kids today at the beach.

The rooster tail water plume that is created when you pull this multiple water sports toy is proportionate to the speed at which it is moving. If you’re pulling it at 15 mph, for example, the plume is likely going to be 3 to 5 feet high. But, if you pull it at a higher speed, let’s say 25 mph, the plume jumps to over 10 feet! How cool is that! The riders love it and the rooster tail water plume allows people to watch the action from the shore…just as you did today. And, not just land lubbers watch for the tail…this is a safety feature that allows other boaters to know there is a towable tube in tow.

4 Star Amazon Reviews

This amazing towable gets 4 star ratings in Amazon reviews. The reviewers cite the pure excitement experienced by the riders, especially the kids, and how they all loved the RAVE tail. The reviewers reported some great wave and wake action and even suggested that caution be exercised when younger riders are on it. The combined maximum allowable weight for the tube is 340 pounds which is more than enough for two riders, unless Dad and one of his buddies decide to ride. Balancing the weight of the riders is also suggested for the best ride combination.

OK, so how many RAVE Razor Duo 2-rider inflatable towables can you handle? With the well-known RAVE reputation for quality and durability, how can you not want one? Click Here for Sale Pricing

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