O’Brien Screamer Inflatable Towable – Towable Fun for One

O’Brien Screamer Inflatable Towable 

Are you looking for a great way to spend the day on the water? Would a product that is bound to get and hold the attention of the kids all day long interest you? How about your own thrill seeker within, would a product such as this be of interest? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps a look at the product specifications of the O’Brien Screamer Inflatable Towable will spark some interest. Let’s look at those specs now:

O’Brien Tubester Inflatable Towable Tube

O’Brien Screamer Product Features and Specifications:

• 54 inch round when fully inflated
• One rider maximum
• Partially covered with 420 denier nylon cover
• Four handles with EVA knuckle guards
• One quick connect hook with webbed tow eye towing placement
• 24 gauge PVC materials
• Amazon 5 star reviews

Towable Fun for One from O’Brien

This single rider tube is ready to give you and your family many hours of totally awesome fun in the sun. It is comes with a one year warranty from O’Brien, who is known to be one of the most durable and popular tube manufacturers in the sport. O’Brien has been making quality products ranging from waterskis to wake boards to inflatable towables for over 40 years and they report thousands of happy and satisfied repeat customers.Click Here for Sale Pricing

5 Star Amazon Customer Reviews

This inflatable boat ski tube has received some awesome customer reviews and ratings. They report surprising ease of pulling with a boat or even with a Jet Ski. Some reviewers pointed out that it is sometimes difficult to get a tube to come out of the wake when pulling it with a Jet Ski. This tube seems to have that problem solved as some reviewers have pointed out that the tube not only stays in the wake quite well but pulls so easily with a Jet Ski that it actually almost rides along side the Jet Ski, increasing the thrill of the ride exponentially.

Other Comments by Reviewers

This awesome watersports toy has received 4 reviews with 5 star ratings and a single one with a 4 star rating, the latter citing that it was a little harder to inflate than other tubes. Other reviewers note the decision to purchase this open tube versus a top covered one was a good one because it enabled adults more exciting ride experiences especially as they are spilled off it into the water. Still other comments reflect issues like quality construction, great pricing and free shipping that all combine to make a great product at a great price with an exceptional potential for exciting water fun for adults as well as kids of all ages.

A Deal You Can’t Refuse

With the well known O’Brien quality, an excellent price and free shipping, how can you resist such a quality package as this? Don’t you and your family deserve some exciting water fun? Aren’t there some memories you would like to make with your kids? Maybe there are even some of your friends who would love to join you on your O’Brien Screamer Inflatable Towable. How can you refuse? Click Here for Sale Pricing

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