O’Brien Dart 2 Double Towable – Back by Popular Demand

O’Brien Double Towable

O’Brien Dart Double Towable


Do you have a day on the lake planned?  What are you planning to do?  Do you just ride around the lake in your boat, fish and swim?  Then do you just return to the dock, load up the boat on the trailer and head home?  What if I told you that you could have a day on the water that would be filled with excitement for each and every member of your family?  What if I told you that they would beg you to repeat the performance next weekend and then next one after that?  Would you be interested in learning more?  Great!  Come along with me while we look a little more closely at the O’Brien Double towable boat tube product features and specifications.


O’Brien Towables Features and Specifications:


  • Holds up to 2 riders
  • Made of 26 gauge PVC with Boston valve
  • Partially covered with 840 denier nylon
  • Has 4 handles (2 sets) with EVA knuckle guards
  • Equipped with a bottom drain
  • Equipped with one quick connect tow hook
  • Inflated dimensions:  91 inches by 56 inches
  • One year limited warranty

Back by Popular Demand

This 2 person boat tube by O’Brien is back by popular demand and they have made some design changes that make it better than ever.  With the quick connect tow hook system and the Boston valve, you will be up and skimming over the wakes and waves in no time.  You can look forward to a long day of spectacular fun on the water.

This tube has two sets of EVA knuckle guarded handles to allow for multiple riding positions for one or two riders.  It sits low in the water, enabling younger and older riders alike to get into it without being pulled back to the boat to get in out of the water.

The Ride of Your Life

Imagine the excited giggling and screaming you will hear from your kids as you pull them around the lake.  This tube will give them a ride on the wild side as they skim along behind the boat, bouncing and careening in the wake and the waves.  Can you feel the water splashing on your face?  Feel the sun and the wind as you experience the ride of your life, shifting the combined weights of the riders to pitch and yaw in the wake of the boat.

The design of this inflatable towable by O’Brien allows younger children as well as adults the ability to ride and experience the fun.  Yes, Mom and Dad, it is stable enough to safely place your younger children in it for a wonderful and exciting ride they will not soon forget.

O’Brien towable for two

5 Star Amazon Reviews


This amazing two-person boat tube gets some pretty impressive Amazon reviews from very happy customers.  These are repeat customers, I might add, as they specifically state that this inflatable towable replaced another O’Brien Delta that had worn out.  Reviewers reported that the tube was stable, well designed and was suitable for younger children.  One reviewer even cautioned friends of the buyers of this inflatable towable to beware of increased boat purchases following pleasurable experiences with their product!

Can you imagine your family having so much fun?  Well, imagine no more; just check out the O’Brien Dart Double 2-Rider tube for yourself.  You will be glad you did!

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