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O-Zone XL 12' Water Trampoline

How many times have you sat back and watched the kids have fun on your trusty backyard all american trampoline? Maybe you have been avoiding the purchase of one due to safety concerns. If you have access to the beach or lake, there is now an awesome new alternative that will let you join in on the fun without all the worry. Like its traditional counterpart, inflatable water trampolines can help launch a jumper higher and higher in the air.

There is however one major difference. Unlike many traditional trampolines, water trampolines have no holes around the side that will catch someone’s leg, and no exposed springs to worry about hitting. You will get that” high flying” feel and stay a great deal safer! You also have the added bonus of being on the water. With the simple addition of a proper life vest, your little ones will be able to go for some super high splash downs.

Water trampolines typically incorporate elements of a standard trampoline such as the springs, frame, and mat. The difference is that the springs and frame are typically concealed. This helps prevent injury as well as damage to the float tube surrounding the frame.

Having a well built, safe, and super fun floating trampoline can be a great way to offer your family and friends an outstanding time on the water this summer. Here are a few things to consider.


Finding the right water trampoline can take knowing a few things ahead of time. One of the first is to know which particular manufacturers produce high quality and safe products.

The water trampoline of choice should be made from only the best possible materials. You will want to look for one that is made using high grade PVC that has been properly bonded with water resistant glue. The ideal seam is one that has been RF welded for the ultimate bond possible.  This will offer you a great deal of assurance that your chosen water trampoline will continue to perform outstandingly time and time again. You should also make sure that the materials used in its manufacture have been properly treated so that they can withstand the wear that the sun, water, and constant use can bring into play.

One of the most popular inflatable water trampolines is the Rave Sports Water Trampoline. This water bouncer can accommodate 4 children or 2 adults at one time on the 6.5 foot diameter jumping surface; it has a climbing platform to make it easier to get out of the water and back onto the floating trampoline; a one-year warrant against material failures or faulty workmanship; and includes an anchor bag and repair kit.


No matter what size you may be looking for, odds are you will find it. They are offered in sizes ranging everywhere from twelve inches round to twenty five feet! They also range in several heights with the average being between thirty six and forty two inches.

When it comes to size, keep in mind that your water trampoline should offer plenty of room for several people. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy it at the same time. There is nothing worse than having to sit out and watch others have fun while waiting your turn. The right sized water trampoline will help alleviate this.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of an excellent water trampoline is a satisfaction guarantee. A company that is willing to stand behind its products 100% is one that typically offers ones that will hold up through normal usage. Look for a guarantee on the quality and workmanship of your new water trampoline.


Once you have found the right one to suit your needs there are a couple other things you may need to keep in mind. One is that you will need the right inflation pump to help inflate and deflate it each time. Would you really want to try and do so manually each time? Of course not; the proper high pressure pump will do the trick in little to no time at all. You can also consider using a standard shop vac with an inflation/deflation adapter. Either way is quite acceptable and will make the job so much easier.

The next step will be to move your water trampoline out in the water. Make sure you pick a spot that is deep enough to prevent dive related injuries, yet close enough that you are able to anchor it with ease. You do not want to have to follow your water trampoline as it is pushed across the lake by a breeze or by the wake from passing boats. Make sure that you have a proper anchor and the attachments you need to keep it in place. Also, make sure that your new water trampoline includes a proper repair kit for patching holes that may occur.

Some brands will include these additional items, such as pump and anchors, but others may not. If they are not included, then you will need to buy them separately.
Always remember that no matter what, safety comes first. Use proper protective gear where needed. Above all, have fun! Summer time is excellent when spent out on the water with your new water trampoline.

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