Aquaglide Turbo 12 volt Portable Pump

The Aquaglide Turbo 12 volt Portable Pump will definitely ease the burden upon your lungs when trying to blow up your inflatable tubes.  Remember the lazy summer afternoons in the sweltering heat, lukewarm once cold lemonade sitting firmly tucked away in-between your fingers and thumb, while you alternate sipping and breathing furiously into a tube.  Now stop and think about not ever having to repeat this process unless you want to give your friends and family some character building lessons.


Turbo Airport 12 Volt Portable Pump – 585205004

Features & Specifications of Airport 12 volt Portable Pump:

  • Great Amazon reviews – 4.5 stars
  • Includes one Turbo 12 volt portable pump and fittings
  • Heavy duty motor with solid state housing and a crush resistant hose
  • The 12v Pump has fittings for most all inflatable brands, conveniently attached to hose end
  • Inflates rapidly to 2.5 PSI
  • Convenient size with easy carrying handle
  • Connects to any 12 volt battery typically found on cars and boats



However don’t take my word for it. You probably consider yourself to be in pretty good physical condition, able to do and perform a variety of complex stress inducing tasks that are required when trying to inflate your tube.  You probably also think that you might spend your hard earned money somewhere else or splurge on a brand spanking new television set, but hang on, just think about it more closely for a moment or two.  Purchasing a television will just allow you to sit on your behind and watch programs, but investing in this 12v portable air pump will allow you to sit on your towable tube and tickle all five senses.

Pumping You Up

Of course the five senses should also be expanded to the sense of great fun that you’ll be having, and sooner as well.  This particular model includes one Turbo 12 volt portable pump and fittings that are designed to make it especially easy for you to transfer air into your summer water ride quickly and painlessly.  Aquaglide really pulled out all the stops when designing this particular pump.

You’ll notice that this inflatable boat pump is equipped with a very solid track record, packing a heavy duty motor with solid state housing and a crush resistant hose.  What does this mean in regular terms? Basically that you’ll be able to pump and pump and pump to your heart’s content without breaking a sweat or having to stop to regain your breath.  The crush resistant hose also adds another level of comfort in the fact that you know it’s practically unbreakable.

This electric air pump also doesn’t discriminate in terms of interchangeability and brands because Aquaglide likes to play nice with all of its competitors.  This means that it will definitely be compatible with multiple brands and comes conveniently with a plethora of fittings.  Perhaps the greatest advantage of this powerful pump is the size.  You’ll be amazed at how much air this pump can dish out because it has been designed for easy transporting.

So go ahead and take the plunge because otherwise you’ll be on the shore salivating at the idea of jumping into the water, unable to enjoy the fun in the sun with your inflatable tubes. Of course your friends and family might also resent you for having them blow up your towable tubes with their breath.  Do the right thing and pick one up today!

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