Aquaglide Crossfire 1 Person Towable: One Sweet Ride

Two words instantly come to mind when you stare at the Aquaglide Crossfire One Person Towable and they just happen to be “vroom” and “vroom.”  Once you see this beautifully crafted speed demon in action, you’ll know that you will have to experience the thrill hopefully more than once in a lifetime.  You can totally picture yourself with your mouth wide open, screaming at the top of your lungs and sun glasses firmly plastered to your face as you feel the fun in the sun like no other.

Aquaglide Supercross 1 Person Towable – 585208003

However that’s not the only thing they’re going to notice about you and your new sweet ride.  They’ll see the “cool factor” while you’re tucked nicely away into the superb design and body of this one person towable tube.  It’s amazing that Aquaglide hasn’t released something quite like this sooner because everyone is dying to get into a one man tow behind tube and just blast right off the waves and straight into the fun zone.

Features of Aquaglide Supercross 1 rider towable:

    • Accommodates 1 person
    • Rapid inflate valve
    • Speed skin base
    • EVA rash guard
    • Quick connect towing attachment
    • Full wrap cover

  • Lower back support
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Free Shipping

High Speed Safety

Now this particular inflatable tube was made to the exact specifications and safety standards that Aquaglide has built a reputation for and maintained throughout the years.  Basically if this thing wasn’t safe, you wouldn’t be able to purchase it.  Keep in mind however, that nothing in life is truly guaranteed, so play safe and use common sense.

You’ll quickly notice that this particular towable inflatable water tube is designed for one person alone.  This brings us to the next point of the beautifully created ride, the cockpit feature which places you firmly inside this extreme fun vessel.  By placing you firmly within the center of the tube, you’ll feel safe and sound as you whip across the waters.  The function of the cockpit style seating arrangement also places you at a closer distance to the water increasing your ability to stay on top safely.

As always Aquaglide has included a rapid inflate valve that’s meant to have you inside the water quicker than you can say towable tube, but if you’re familiar with their products then it’s something you’ve come to love.  Nestled discreetly but strategically beneath the tube is a speed skin base which creates a smooth ride as you cut a path across the waters. Easily noticeable EVA rash guards are also strategically placed near your hands so you have something to hold on to if you do get those flashes of your life before your eyes.

However rest assured, this one person Aquaglide Crossfire towable tube was designed for speed but also to the highest safety standard available.  Don’t hesitate any longer and go out and purchase this thrill ride of a lifetime for you and your family!

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