Aquaglide Crossfire 2 Person Towable: Water Speed Demon

The Aquaglide Crossfire 2 person towable definitely embodies your mind’s natural inclination to go fast when being pulled behind a boat.  Now take yourself back – the year is 1986 and a movie taking a deeper look into the training of American jet fighter pilots has just been released to the delight of the general public.  You can almost feel and hear the roaring engines zipping and dissecting the cool summer atmosphere at break neck speeds.  Now insert Aquaglide’s latest towable tube speed demon extraordinaire and you’ll have a pretty complete picture of what it means to get into this bad boy.

Aquaglide Crossfire 2 Person Towable

Aquaglide Crossfire 2 Person Towable – 585208002

Built to Perfection

With the advancement of fun comes the advancement of technology and it seems that Aquaglide has not cut any corners.  This amazing water ride has an airplane cockpit inspired feel to it and comfortably accommodates two riders.  This enables your children to bring along a friend for the ride of their lives, or you and a partner to enjoy the bump excitement of the weekend waves as well upon this two person inflatable towable tube.

Consumers will also notice a rapid inflate valve that allows for owners to transfer air at a reasonably fast and painless rate so that this particular towable can be experienced on the water sooner.  If you take a look underneath the hood, or in this particular case, underneath the cockpit, you’ll notice a speed skin base designed to propel you effortlessly and seamlessly across the water at exhilarating speeds.

For those with sensitive skin conditions, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Aquaglide has considered this into the design of this Aquaglide Crossfure 2 person towable raft! They’ve strategically added an EVA rash guard to the places that you’re going to want to protect the most, and that’s all of your knuckles that come into contact with this brilliant water tow behind tube.  To finish this complete package off, Aquaglide has given Crossfire 2 a reflective PVC material in order for it to be spotted real close as well as in the great distance because you’re definitely going to get attention anyways while riding.

So what are you hesitating for? Go out and make your family’s dreams come true!

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