Airhead Trainer Water Skis: Beginner Fun

Kwik Tek BREAKTHROUGH Widebody Trainer Skis 47 in wood

For water-sport enthusiasts or those even just starting out to learn how to water ski, the Kwik Tek Breakthrough Trainer Water Skis offer a wonderful jumping-off point as long as you meet the requirements.  Yes, sorry folks, you have to get into great shape or be less than 100 lbs because although Airhead prides itself on great quality, some things in life are just meant for smaller and skinnier people.

Kwik Tek Breakthrough Trainer water skis

Of course, don’t fret over this if you are over the restrictions, just buy a bigger set of water ski trainers instead.  For those who do make the cut, this Airhead product offers riders wonderfully crafted and carefully engineered beginner water skis which are perfect for those wanting to try their hand or better yet in this case feet, at carving up some choices waves.

If you haven’t guessed already or it hasn’t been clear enough, these particular fiberglass wonders are meant for the enjoyment of youth looking to water ski, so for those parents looking to take the plunge into purchasing something else that is perfect for a weekend getaway, look no further than these junior water skis.

Features of the Kwik Tek Trainer Water Skis:

    • 47″ long wooden trainer skis
    • Fiberglass reinforced nylon rudders increase stability and tracking
    • Designed for skiers under 100 lbs the
    • Adjustable bindings fit child size 12 to adult size 5
    • Removable crossbar keeps skis steady for beginners as they learn
    • Four (4) star Amazon reviews

Designed for Beginner Fun

Gone are the days of strapping wooden planks to your children’s feet or giving them a rope that resembles a very distant cousin of a jump rope to hang onto for dear life.  Times and technology have allowed for major advancements to the repertoire and arsenal of weekend warriors and their respective families looking to take a splash and enjoy the warm waters of their travel destinations.

Those familiar with Airhead products will be quick to point out the great quality one gets when purchasing any one of their items.  These training water skis are no exception.  Take for instance the fiberglass reinforced rudders that enable beginners to feel more stability.  Depending on your learning curve and stages of advancement, a removable crossbar that also keeps these skis balanced for extra learning ease definitely comes in handy for slow and fast enthusiasts.

Of course, Airhead also took into consideration the design of the rope that comes included with these awesome kids water skis.  By including an adjustable length rope, all skiers at various levels can feel comfortably close to the boat or further away as well.  The rope also comes with a very strong and sturdy aluminum bar that is designed with extra comfort due to its textured TPR grip.

Secure your loved ones firmly onto these training water skis and breathe a sigh of relief because they come equipped with adjustable bindings that are designed to accommodate children’s feet up to size 12.

So next time your children look at you and ask you for a pair of water skis that will fit their needs, you can firmly look right back at them and inform them of your wonderful decision to buy a pair of these outstanding water skis.  However always remember to practice safe water play because safety is always first, and these water skis were designed with both in mind.

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