Airhead Strike Towable Tube with Aqua Zooka Water Gun: Exceptional Quality

It is time to have some fun and what better way than on a towable tube. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, getting out on the water is a must. This one man tube towable will give you the thrills that you will remember for a long time. Sharing the fun with family and friends makes it more fun, especially when you throw in an awesome water gun. Imagine the stories that you and your friends will share after a day on this towable water tube.

Airhead Strike Inflatable Towable

Airhead Strike with Aqua Zooka

The Airhead Strike towable tube with Aqua Zooka water gun and optional accessories offers you everything that you will need for fun on the water. Accessories make it easier and faster to get out there and ride those waves. One accessory that is a must for this towable is an air pump. This is especially true if you have more than one towable ski tube to inflate. This optional accessory comes in two types:  the Hi output air pump or the rechargeable pump. Either of these will have you on the water in no time.

Airhead Strike Towable Features:

* 54″ round with 4 nylon wrapped handles & neoprene knuckle guards
* RF welded PVC bladder encased with durable double stitched nylon cover
* Boston valve for easy inflation / deflation
* Aqua Zooka water gun included
* Includes repair kit and bungee dock line

With this water towable tube, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have something that is going to give you many fun seasons. Even at this incredible value you are getting an exceptional water sports toy that is of an exceptional quality and durable. When you spend money, you want what you purchase to last more than one season. Taking care of your tube easy and ensures that it will be ready when you are.

Maintaining your towable tube will ensure you of years of exciting thrills and fun. Maintenance isn’t hard nor does it take a long time. Things to have on hand after you have finished that awesome ride to clean with are dish detergent, clean water, air pump and towels.

Cleaning and drying your tube before you deflate it will make the job much easier. Clean your tube with soap and water, then rinse thoroughly. Always dry the towable tube prior to deflating. Once the Airhead Strike tube is dry, use the air pump to deflate it. Now you are ready to store it until your next thrilling ride.

Never store your tube in a boat on the beach or anywhere with constant exposure to heat or sun. What happens is that the sun causes the air to expand and thus the tube expands. When this happens after a period of time the seams weaken, making your tube less durable and more susceptible to air leaks. You may want to keep a patch kit for the tube on hand. No matter how careful you are things can happen. It’s better to be prepared than to be frustrated because you don’t have what you need. This tube comes with a repair kit when purchased.

This amazing towable tube and awesome Zooka water gun will give you the thrills that you are looking for no matter what age you are. Purchase yours today and get ready for some adrenalin rushing fun. Take a look at what the Airhead Strike towable tube with Aqua Zooka water gun and optional accessories offers you.

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