Airhead Slide Inner Tube with Tow Rope: Durable Water Ride

Fast flying action and heart stopping thrills is what you get with this one person towable tube. The dynamic shape helps it to slide and skip across the water at remarkable speeds. Hang on tight for a fantastic ride! It is an exhilarating ride especially when you hit those wakes left by the boat and you feel yourself bouncing. Durability and quality are a must for any towable tube and this one is built to take the punishment of a great ride. 


Airhead Slide Towable

The Airhead Slide inner tube with tow rope gives you an awesome way to spend time on the water. The triangular shape of this one person tube enhances all the action that you get with a towable. It is what gives you the feeling of flying across the water while you are sitting with your bottom down in the seat. It is 56” of fantastic fun that you are going to love.  And Amazon customer ratings are 4 stars out of 5.

Having fun is what it is all about when you are on the water. Having fun safely makes it a great way to get out and let go of all the stresses that you live with on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how old you are – you’ll forget the stress of the day on this inflatable tube.  And it is easy to be safe with the Airhead one person towable. Always wear an approved life jacket when riding even if you are an excellent swimmer.

A Few Safety Items First

Safety first is the name of the game when on the water. It isn’t hard to be safe while on the water and still have the time of your life. Some simple rules to follow are being sure that you know the area where you are going to be towed, to prevent hitting objects that may be hidden. Always have a spotter that watches as you are being towed. Watch for other boats and people having fun to prevent getting to close to them.

Always check your equipment prior to getting on the water for any problems. With the airhead towable inflatable inner tube you know that you are on a safe tube. Problems can happen even with a safe tube. Keep a patch kit with you for just such an event. The heavy duty vinyl inner tube is used by Airhead for durability and toughness.

The heavy duty vinyl inner tube is covered with a double stitched nylon cover to protect your skin. It includes four nylon-wrapped handles with the neoprene knuckle guards to protect delicate hands. This tube comes with a heavy duty internal tow harness and a self-draining vent. Always check all aspects of the tube as part of your safety check prior to putting it into the water.

YouTube Preview Image Order yours today!

This is an awesome single rider towable tube that will give you many exhilarating rides. Keeping safe and having a blast is what it is all about when spending time on a towable tube. Purchase your Airhead today and get ready for some fun! Go now and see just what the Airhead Slide inner tube with tow rope has to offer you.

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