Airhead Sidewinder Towable Tube – the Ultimate Water Train

Airhead Sidewinder – Ride the Ultimate Water Train

How many times have you gone out on the boat with intentions to have loads of fun in sun using your inflatable inner tube, only to find that there is constant bickering among the kids because everyone wants to ride in the only tube and be the FIRST rider? How many times around the lake will it take to accommodate everyone who wants to ride in that one lonely little tube? Does this sound like a scenario your family has played out way too many times? Alas, do not despair; we have a solution to your problem! That solution rests with the awesome Airhead Sidewinder Towable Tube by Airhead. This is a high quality single rider water sports tube that can be combined with up to 3 other Sidewinders to allow spectacular water fun for everyone. Check out the product specifications to see the quality of this great little water toy.  It’s got 5 star reviews at Amazon!


Airhead Sidewinder TowableTube

Airhead Sidewinder Water Tube Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 63 in long x 50 inches inflated
  • Designed for a single rider only
  • Full nylon cover
  • Heavy duty PVC bladder with radio frequency welded seams
  • Boston valve for fast inflating and deflating
    • Tow point in tube front

  • Designed to connect up to 4 Sidewinder tubes
  • Kwik-connect in front and rope loop in rear to allow you to link more than one towable together.
  • Deluxe nylon covered handles
  • Neoprene knuckle guards
  • Large inflated floor for increased rider comfort
  • Includes towable tube only
  • Tow rope and air pump purchased separately
  • Shipping is FREE – Included in price!

Tubes Have Come a Long Way, Baby

If you’re like me, you probably remember the days of the old tire inner tubes that we used to employ to float and splash around in the water or hang on to while being pulled behind the boat when we were kids. Maybe you are still using that old tire inner tube today to entertain your family. If this describes you, then are you in for a surprise! Tubing, as it is called now-a-days, has come out of the Stone Age with such amazing engineering and design changes that you won’t recognize much beyond the tubing concept when you compare that old inner tube with boat towables like the Sidewinder. Maybe it is time to just hang up that old tube with a rope from a sturdy tree limb and give it new life as a swing for the kids.

The Sidewinder is an inflatable inner tube that is sturdily constructed to provide many years of family fun in the sun. All Airhead water sport products are constructed with durability as well as attractiveness and fun in mind. You will find heavy gauge PVC vinyl bladders that have radio-frequency welded seams and are covered in a durable nylon. This well-known Airhead quality extends to the quality tow ropes and the neoprene handles for better grip and protection.

This inflatable boat tube is designed to allow for additional Sidewinders to be attached in train style using a front mounted Kwik-Connect and a rear mounted integrated rope loop. You can connect up to 4 Sidewinders so that everyone can ride FIRST and maybe every time.

Deflated, this product weighs only 8.5 pounds and fits in the small parcel category for shipping. This means that it can be delivered by UPS, FEDEX, DHL or USPS. And, the best part of all about the shipping…IT IS FREE!

So, I ask you, how many Airhead Sidewinder Towable Tubes will make up your water train?

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