Airhead Mega Boost Towable – Screaming Fun for Four

Airhead Mega Boost Towable

Get ready, get set….GO! Away they go, screaming gleefully as they bounce across the waves, splashing and spraying water in every direction. Their little faces can hardly contain the huge, ear to ear smiles they wear and you can hear them giggling excitedly as they sail over the water in the Airhead Mega Boost Towable that you’re pulling behind the boat. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful sunny day with your family and friends.

Mega Boost Towable

Airhead Mega Boost Towable

This 4-rider inflatable towable is a colossal 68 inches when fully inflated and it has enough leg room for everyone. There is more than enough fun, too, on this towable tube. Take a look at the product specs to understand a little more about its quality construction:

Product Specifications:

  • 68 inches wide when fully inflated.
  • 4 person capacity
  • Equipped with 8 handles that have neoprene knuckle guards for better comfort
  • Inflated floor provides more comfortable ride
  • Constructed of a reinforced, double stitched nylon cover
  • Heavy duty 30 gauge bladder
  • Heavy duty Kwik connect and Boston valve enable quick and easy rope hook-ups, inflating and deflating.


  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Compatible with Coleman Double-Lock valve, Boston valves and pinch valves
  • The diameter of the opening on the edge of the tube is ¾ inch and will accommodate a 1 inch valve.
  • Adapters are included

Exceptional Family Fun

Your family will jump at the opportunity to spend the day on the water when they know you’re taking the Airhead towable toy. Who wouldn’t enjoy a day skimming across the water, bouncing and spraying water everywhere! And, with a 4-rider capacity, the whole family can get involved. Everyone knows that you can’t really enjoy the water unless you get wet and this inflatable towable gives everyone plenty of opportunity to get wet. The more people you can get out of the boat (or off the beach) the more fun you can have.

Accommodates Adults and Children

Who said this was only for the kids? This Airhead tube will accommodate adults as well as children quite comfortably. The inflated floor allows for more comfort while riding while the neoprene knuckle guards on the handles enable better and more comfortable gripping and only fun will follow.


A special note should be made here…this is a “ride only at your own risk” towable toy. The risk is…FUN, FUN and more FUN. This toy is quite addicting! I challenge you to climb aboard this towable craft and ride it without having the time of your life. Let go and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair and the water splashing over your face as you bounce delightfully over the waves and wakes for supreme fun in the sun. You will want to climb aboard again and again…and who knows…maybe the kids might even get to ride once in a while!

Are you ready for more fun than you can handle? Are you ready for an Airhead Mega Boost Towable? Go ahead…live life large! And, don’t forget…the shipping is free. Is just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

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