Airhead Big Slice Towable Tube: A Round of Fun

Airhead Big Slice Towable Tube

Airhead Big Slice Towable Tube

A great product by Kwik Tec, Inc. from their Airhead line is the Big Slice towable tube. For great fun in the sun with family and friends this is a wonderful tube to have. Airhead water sports products are sold in fifty countries throughout the world. They are dedicated to providing the consumer with high quality, safe and durable water sport product at an affordable cost.

This Airhead Big Slice towable tube is an example of just how good their products are. Designers dedicated to come up with new and improved tubes are part of what makes this company’s products well worth the cost. For example, with the Big Slice being a round towable, they designed the back down to six inches for re-boarding. If you have ever tried to jump on one that is not tapered like this then you will understand just how much this means.

One of the things that make Airhead products so wonderful is that the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. They strive to continuously improve their product for safe fun. With the Big Slice tube they have a reinforced tow harness for extra safety when it is being pulled through the water. This tube looks great and performs even better.

Not Just Looks

Looking good is important but it places second to safety, especially when you are taking your family out for fun. The Big Slice is a sixty inch round diameter tube. It has a 30 gauge PVC bladder that is totally encased in 100% nylon. All stitching is double stitched using a special thread to withstand water and the air pressure that is used to fill the tube.

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The valve for this towable tube is a Kwik-connect Boston valve for quick easy hook ups and fast filling or deflation of the tube. The top side of the tube has a neoprene panel 4 nylon rapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards. The neoprene panel helps to increase the stability and reduce the chance of injury when riding on the tube.

One thing that you will need to purchase is a tube tow rope. Be sure that the tow rope meets the regulations in the area that you will be playing in. The tow rope is an important part of being safe when pulling a tube. It is an absolute must that you use the correct tow rope for your situation. Each tow rope has specific criteria for its use and these must be followed. There are other accessories that can also be purchase such as a repair kit. Even though the tube is tough as nails things can happen, especially with children and animals.

Dimensions: 60” diameter (fully inflated)   14.9 lbs

When you want to have a great time on the water, the Airhead Big Slice towable tube is the one to go for. Buy one today and the money you save can be used on other things for a great time. Take a look now at just what the Airhead Big Slice tube has to offer. Just think of all the fun you and your family will have.   And Amazon ratings are 4-star!


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