Airhead 3-Section Aluminum Kayak Paddle

When you want to get out in to the great outdoors there are fewer activities, as easy to learn, and as easy to do as kayaking. Finding a spot to put your kayak in the water is the hardest choice. There are so many great places in the United States and Canada that you might never run out of places to try out. Finding the equipment and learning how to use this equipment is really simple to do and the resources are readily available. There are many, many, types of kayaks to choose from and many accessories as well. One of the most important accessories is your paddles.

The Airhead 3-Section Aluminum Kayak Paddle is a great example of a portable kayak paddle that really performs. I bet you are wondering what could be so important about something as simple as a kayak paddle? The answer is easy, without the paddle you are just floating aimlessly out on the water. This can be great for short periods of time when you just want to drift, but get hungry, let it start to get dark, or start to rain and you will want to move toward a destination as quickly as you can.

The AHTK-P1 portable kayak paddle by Airhead is a great choice for your kayaking experience for several reasons. The first being it is portable and easily broke down into three parts for easy storage. In fact you can store this paddle in a space no bigger than 6” x 22” x 3”. This perfect for smaller cars and if you are short on space in your garage or shed.

Features of Airhead 3-Section Aluminum Kayak Paddle:

  • 3-section kayak paddle
  • Made from aluminum and plastic
  • Can be broken down for compact storage
  • Dimensions: 86″ with aluminum shaft
  • Breaks down into 2 sections and can be stowed in 6″ x 22″ x 3″ space
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum shaft with drip rings and foam hand grips
  • Free Shipping

Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use, Easy To Stow Away

The set up is easy with this three section paddle. The pieces meet up and screw into one another. There are even plastic coverings for these joints. Connecting each set there is also a plastic section large enough that you can use them for surer grip on the paddle if you so desire.

The actual blade part of this kayak paddle is made to help you get through the water more efficiently. There are channels on either side of the paddle blade that helps move through the water with ease. These channels funnel more water, thus moving you forward with much less effort on your part.

The total length of the Airhead Aluminum paddle when assembled is an 86 inches. This length is pretty standard for a kayak paddle. The shaft is made of aluminum, a metal know for its light weight yet durable properties. Whether assembled or disassembled this three- section paddle is easy to handle.

The breakdown process is as easy as the set up with this portable kayak paddle. You just unscrew the connections and stow it where you want it to be.

Take a look today at the Airhead 3-Section Aluminum Kayak Paddle and you will not be disappointed in either the function or form of this great portable kayak paddle.

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