75′ 1 – Section Ski Rope with NBR Smooth Grip

When it comes to getting out on the lake, the first thing you probably think of is what sort of towable tube you will be taking with you. You may also consider the boat you will be using and even the life vests. Odds are you will not give much thought to one extremely important piece of equipment that can make a world of difference. Without this particular piece of equipment you will be left sitting at the docks.

The Rave Sports 75′ 1 – Section Ski Rope with NBR Smooth Grip is the ideal rope for pulling your favorite water towable or other such water sports tube. Made of high quality and extremely durable polypropylene, this tow rope will easily hold up to the rigors that accompany water sports. Many people do not realize the amount of stress that these sorts of ropes have to withstand.

A ski rope not only has to hold up to the weight of the skier, it also has to be able to handle the resistance of the water as well. Over time this resistance can lead to an increased possibility of catastrophic failure. This is where the Rave Sports ski rope excels. It has been built to very exacting standards which helps to prevent just such a failure.

Safety First


Rave Sports knows how to produce quality tow ropes that will continue to perform outstandingly time and again. Many people, however, take it for granted that a tow rope is a just rope. You hook up to your inflatable towable or hop on your skis and away you go. There is more to it than that, though. It takes the proper ski tow rope to make your ride not only safe, but as fun and smooth as possible.

This is the case with the 75′ 1 – Section Ski Rope from Rave Sports. Once it is connected properly to your boat, and you have your skis on the correct way, you will be ready for some outstanding fun. Your standard ski tow rope will typically run between 60 to 80 feet. This helps to ensure that the skier will not suffer from carbon monoxide inhalation that can come from following behind the boat too closely.

Any time you use an unfamiliar tow rope you should make sure that it is not longer than the recommended safe length. Doing so can put the skier at risk for injury. Also, always check your ski tow rope for any signs of wear including fraying each time you get ready to use it. This will help to avoid unexpected breakage during use.

Dimensions: 75′ 1 – Section, blue and white

If you have been searching for the perfect ski tow rope, then look no further. The Rave Sports 75′ 1 – Section Ski Rope with NBR Smooth Grip is just the one you have been looking for. Rave Sports is committed to providing high quality and safety minded products. Take a look at this tow rope today and you will soon see the strength of that commitment. And shipping is free!

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