1 to 4 Rider Heavy Duty Tow Harness

When you think of summer fun on the lake or other body of water, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You may think about water trampolines, or boat towable tubes. These are great ways for you to enjoy the summer sun and get some much needed relaxation while having a blast. Odds are, however, that there is one thing that doesn’t come right to mind. How do you tow your tube behind a boat? That’s right, using a tow harness.

The Rave Sports 1 – 4 Rider Heavy – Duty Tow Harness is an excellent choice when you are looking for a tow rope that can handle the stresses of everyday use. This particular model tow harness is rated for up to four riders and is considered heavy duty. While it is true that there are many different manufacturers of polypropylene today there are good reasons why you should choose this high quality harness over one of the competitors.

Heavy Duty Tow Harness for 1-4 Riders

Rave Sports Heavy Duty Tow Harness for 1-4 Riders

Rave Sports has made a name for itself by providing high quality water sports equipment. This includes the safety equipment that is used in conjunction with the company’s water crafts. When developing new water craft, the company does not rely on just any towable tube ropes. Rave Sports has put in the time and effort to develop top notch ropes and harnesses to use for their awesome towable tubes.

Safety Is Key

When it comes to creating a top notch tow behind tube rope harness, Rave is a master in exceeding the industry standards. Take weight limits for example; safety standards state that a rope or harness must have a stated minimum and maximum weight limit. While some companies may state that their products can handle four riders, for example, the truth is that their ropes may not actually hold under the weight or stress.

Also, many companies neglect to color their ropes. This can lead to poor visibility when the rope is lying in the water. Talk about an accident in the making. If a boat cannot see the line in the water it could cross it. The rope could potentially get tangled up in the motor and end up dragging the tube and riders. This could lead to serious injury or even worse.

Rave has chosen a triple color combination that can easily be seen in the water; blue, yellow, and black. The combination of these colors will help to cut down on the risk of such injury. Also, when Rave says its towable tube rope harness can hold four people, you can bet that it could actually withstand more weight just so that the chance of rope failure is lessened.

Heavy duty tow harness features:

  • Safely handle up to 4 riders
  • Rope diameter: 0.63”
  • Black, Blue, and Yellow color scheme

If you are looking to get the best possible towable tube for some summertime fun, then you should also make sure to get the perfect heavy duty tow harness as well. There is no substitute for safety when having fun on the water. Check out the 1 – 4 rider heavy duty tow harness from Rave Sports today!

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