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Kwik Tek Travel Kayak For 2 People: A Perfect Idea for Camping, Vacationing and Travel

Kwik Tek Travel Kayak Deluxe, 12 Ft, 2 Persons So, off you go to your favorite campground for a well-deserved week away from the craziness of your busy life. You have packed all the expected necessary clothing, camping gear, food, toys for the kids and everything is loaded into the car. What about family water […]

Sevylor Inflatable Pointer K1 Kayak

Economical, High Quality, Dependable Kayaking Are you a water person? Do you watch people kayak and wonder what it is like? Would you like to try this water sport but can’t soak a bundle of money into the purchase of a boat like this? Are you someone who has kayaked using another’s boat and would […]

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Sportsstuff Grandstand 2 – Stand Up and Be Counted

The biggest problem you’ll likely have will be who gets to ride first…and of course…everyone will need to try each possible ride position before they’ll be willing and ready to relinquish it to the next rider. Unfortunately, even with the incredible quality and design features of this tube, it has no feature to help manage this problem.

Body Glove Marine Towable – a Towable Winged Wonder

This craft doesn’t leave the water’s surface but don’t let that fact fool you into thinking that the ride is not spectacular. The specially designed 6 ½ foot “wings” on this 2 rider boat tube will allow you to rock and roll from wake to wake. It even rides like a personal watercraft without the motor and bulk

Airhead Deluxe Inflatable Kayak: Reliable and Well Designed

Getting out and about in the great outdoors is good for the soul and body. It allows us to stretch our legs and lungs as well as helps us to de-stress. Taking us out of the hustle and bustle of our day to day grinds and helping us to remember where we came from. This […]

Sportsstuff Half Pipe Frantic – Another Versatile Ride

Can you imagine you and your family riding this awesome 3 rider inflatable towable? It gets a 5 star rating from Amazon reviewers and it is well-deserved when you consider the quality and workmanship of the product as well as the fun component of it. This tube can be gently pulled behind the boat for a tame ride or it can be towed faster for the splashy fun that most people climb aboard a towable tube to experience

Aquaglide Retro 3 Person Towable: “Trust Your Instincts” Tube

Aquaglide Retro 3 Person Towable Even though summer is almost over, there is still plenty of time to get outdoors and do something with your friends and family that will make memories that will last all of you a life time. Some of these activities and sports are water related, which is always an adventure. […]

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