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Sevylor Pointer Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Pointer Inflatable Kayak  – The Perfect Touring Kayak Are you a kayaker who enjoys touring in your craft? If you haven’t done any touring as yet, have you even considered this? If you are interested in kayaking or even touring in a kayak, then follow me to the wonderful world of the Sevylor Pointer […]

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Coleman Quikpak Inflatable Kayak: An Economical Way to Kayak

Coleman K1 Quikpak Inflatable Kayak Are you looking for a kayak that is economical, lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of extra equipment to transport it? Are you relatively new in the world of kayaking and a little put off by the start up expenses? I think you might find the Coleman Quikpak Inflatable Kayak […]

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Sevylor Inflatable River Xk2 Kayak: White Water Wonder

A Versatile White Water Wonder – Sevylor Inflatable XK1 Kayak. Can you imagine the thrill of whitewater kayaking? You’re sitting in an inflatable kayak, alone in the wilderness. In front of you lies a large river, with the waters rushing along. You know that downstream lies some awesome whitewater rapids and, today, you plan to […]

Sevylor Inflatable Caravelle 6 Person Boat

Sevylor Inflatable Caravelle 6 Person Boat: A Great Way to Own a Boat   Do you and your family love the water? Do you enjoy trips to the lake to fish, swim or just cruise around on the lake? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please read on for some great news! […]

Sevylor Inflatable Pointer K1 Kayak

Economical, High Quality, Dependable Kayaking Are you a water person? Do you watch people kayak and wonder what it is like? Would you like to try this water sport but can’t soak a bundle of money into the purchase of a boat like this? Are you someone who has kayaked using another’s boat and would […]

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Coleman Hydrofusion Towable (3 Person) – A Win-Win Towable

The dual design of this versatile water ski tube will allow family members to choose between riding on top of the tube deck while they skim across the water or they may choose to sit in the cockpit to enjoy the similar and equally exciting ride provided as the craft skims across the wakes and waves behind the boat. Laughter and giggles abound when the kids of all ages climb aboard.

Sevylor Monster Tube Inflatable Towable – A Real Monster Towable

Can you picture yourself riding in a monster towable tube with two or three of your friends? Or, maybe you’re riding with your kids. Can you feel the sea breezes caressing your face and stroking through your hair? Feel the water as it splashes into your face and everywhere around you. Listen to the sounds of excited laughter and perhaps even some giggling from your fellow riders.

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