How to Buy Speed Boats: Speed Boat Standard Features

When looking at buying a speed boat, here are some of the standard features to consider:

Some of the things you are going to want to find standard are stainless steel hardware – windshield mounts. This is all stainless steel. You look at less quality boats and it’s going to be aluminum with plastic. Stainless steel grab handles up on the front, so when your kids are holding on the boat, or when you are bouncing around, you want something sturdy and hard. Get quality so they’ll not break on you. Stainless steel horns, stainless steel lights – those are all features you want to look for. Stainless steel cup holders, not plastic cup holder. The material shows you the quality the boat actually has to offer.

You are going to want to look at US Coast Guard capacity for your boat. A boat that has a higher “Coast Guard capacity” is actually a type of approval statement from the US Coast Guard, stating that this boat is adequate for ten people, not six or seven people. What verifies that is the amount of flotation they put in the boat when the Coast Guard tests it. The more flotation they put in the product, the higher the rating for safety. So, a boat that does not have as much flotation is gonna have a six person capacity.

Things like this are what you’re going to look for.

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