Uniden Marine Electronics

Uniden Marine Electronics – Quality Dependable Radios that Meet Offshore Demands

The one thing you should learn early in boating is how much you need a quality radio for the times when you break down or have other types of emergencies while on the water. Cell phones that have no signal or fall overboard won’t offer much help in a bind.

Obvious Quality Radio Features

The features needed in good marine vhf radios are rather obvious.

* It should be able to take on some water and still keep working.
* It should be easy to operate so that in the face of adversity, anyone on the boat can quickly make a distress call.
* Because emergencies often happen in the dark or in limited vision situations such as storms, you need to be able to find the radio easily.

Uniden Marine Electronic Equipment Meets Stringent Demands

Uniden is a world leader in communications. They offer one of the best radio product lines with equipment designed to meet the most demanding needs of the seafarer or weekend boater.

Marine Radio Highlights of Uniden Units

Some of the features you may have never thought about, but will serve you well when needed, are included in all Uniden marine VHF radio products. Some features may vary from one model to another, but some that you will fine useful are:

* The radio receives all International, Canadian, U.S., and marine channels so you know you are safe wherever you go.

* Each model is a compact unit that finds itself at home even in the smallest area.

* They’re built tough enough to contend with the harshest marine conditions.

* All units are tested for water tightness to meet a stringent 1 meter for 30 minutes without damage to the radio.

* A one-touch channel 16/9 key on the microphone enables immediate contact to the Coast Guard through the two key channels. There’s an additional up and down channel scan on the microphone, too.

* The Triple Watch Plus feature allows monitoring of the emergency channels of 16 and 9, weather alert, and a channel that is selected by the owner. This could be a home based radio or the radio of another boat.

* Each radio has a weather scan feature and when activated, the radio receives notification from NOAA of inclement weather conditions.

* The high performance transceiver is capable of clear communication because of the interference reduction design.

* Digital Selective Calling (DSC) incorporates distress button, position request, and position send. One button is all you need to press to call for help in an emergency.

* Both the display and the keypad are lit so they can be easily located in the dark. The display has an adjustable LCD contrast setting.

* A switch changes the radio to a PA system if you need to call out to passing vehicles or to identify yourself to oncoming boats.

* You can scan the memory at any time for all the channels you select. Some models allow for entry of names to identify the channels.

* Each unit comes with a 3-year warranty that covers service and all parts, including water intrusion.

* Most units have a 1 watt/25 watt transmit power.

It would be hard to find a handheld marine radio that has this many features in such a small package. Every boater should be prepared for the unexpected occurrences that can take place on any outing on the water. In a crucial situation, a few seconds can mean the difference between surviving or not.

Consider putting your safety in a radio that is built for vital and dependable communication when you need it.

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