Sportsstuff Half Pipe Rampage Towable Tube – Tearin’ It Up

Are you ready for some real wake riding action? Now, you can get out on the water with a friend, and have a blast, with this killer towable brought to you straight from Sportsstuff. There is no longer any reason to settle for some plain old donut shaped tube straight out of yesteryear. You will be able to fly across the water with a great deal of action while still remaining quite stable.

The Half Pipe Rampage Towable Tube from Sportsstuff is one awesome tube. You will be able to ride it in a variety of ways. These include riding prone, sitting, sideways and even kneeling. Talk about having it your way! No matter which way you decide to ride it, you will find that the sides of this killer towable tube makes it perfect for giving you the smoothest ride possible while still being quite exciting.

Sportsstuff Half Pipe Rampage towable

Summary of Features and Specifications:

* Bright printed graphics on a full nylon cover
* EVA foam body pads for each rider
* Plenty of handles for all possible riding positions
* Sportsstuff ‘Hot Item’
* Inflated Length: 69″
* Inflated Width: 70″
* Four (4) star reviews in Amazon

No matter whether you are flying through turns or busting wakes left and right, you will love the excitement that this particular model offers. It is no wonder that the half pipe rampage is one of Sportsstuff’s most popular models to date. Kids and adults alike will get the biggest kick out of this tube no matter whether there is one rider or two.

Tearin’ It Up

When you think of tubing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Hopefully it is the thought of having fun in the summer sun with both friends and family while out on the water. Sportsstuff is just the company to offer what you are looking for. Its Rampage towable tube is a great example of water fun at its best.

The tube itself is made from high quality materials that are rigorously tested to ensure that you will get a towable boat tube that is puncture resistant. This in turn is totally covered by nylon that has been printed with graphics that stand out quite well. This in itself is a safety feature as it allows you to be more easily visible against the water cutting down on the chance that another boat may not see you.

Another great feature of the Sportsstuff Rampage is the number of handles located across it. No matter what position you choose to ride in you will be able to hang on for all its worth. There are also strategically placed body pads made of EVA foam so that both riders can remain comfortable.

Choosing a great inflatable tube can make a great deal of difference in the amount of fun that you and your friends have on the water. Sportsstuff certainly knows how to offer the level of excitement you really crave in a towable.

Why not go on a Rampage this summer with these killer 1-2 rider water tubes from Sportsstuff? You will soon be having a super time no matter whether you are riding it or pulling it and watching your riders scream in fun. The Half Pipe Rampage Towable Tube from Sportsstuff will be enjoyed by all!
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