Sportsstuff U Slalom 2 Towable Tube – Take a Ride on the Wild Side

Sportsstuff U Slalom 2 Towable Tube

Are you gifted with the “thrill seeking” gene? Are you searching for thrills and excitement in all that you do? Are you bored with the “tubing” experience? Well, have I got a tube for you! The Sportsstuff U Slalom 2 Towable Tube is just what the doctor ordered for exceptional water thrills and spills. This 2 rider boat tube is high quality and gives you the control for the ride of your life. Take a look at the product specifications and see the quality of the product for yourself:


Sportsstuff U Slalom 2 Towable Tube

Sportsstuff U Slalom 2 Towable Tube

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Patent pending VEER Towing System
  • Strategically placed patent pending Tiger Tooth Steering Fins
  • PVC bladder
  • A heavy duty full nylon cover with Zipper
  • Patent pending aluminum quick connect tow point

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  • Multiple grab handles with knuckle guards
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation.

This is not just another towable that you simply climb aboard, hang on and go. Quite the contrary, this is skill tubing at its best. Skill tubing is a new and challenging experience for tubing enthusiasts. This inflatable water toy is a new Doable…this means it is a controllable towable that you can maneuver, slalom, jump, veer and execute many combinations of moves through the boat wake or crest in a straight-line boat pattern. These Doables are new patent pending shapes that have been designed to have less drag with a smaller footprint for reduced gas consumption. This design, combined with a new patent pending bottom “VEER” tow system and strategically placed extra large Tiger Tooth Fins (also patent pending), enables the rider to control this water sled towable in various shoe-lace type moves.

What a learning curve!

You will thoroughly enjoy the learning curve involved in acquiring the skills to maneuver this 2 rider boat tube. It will likely take several attempts even for the most daring tuber to become adept at leaning to the right or to the left to make it pitch and yaw. If it is spills, chills and thrills you’re looking for…look no further.
Start slowly at slower speeds until you develop your maneuvering skills and then rev it up for the ride of your life!

Sportsstuff was founded in 1987 when the inflatable water toy market was still in its infancy. It has been through constant innovation and product development, this company has helped to pave the way for the exciting market that the tubing enthusiast enjoys today. They have developed some of the most unique products that you will find on the water today and probably has one of the most extensive product lines around. Their products enjoy a 90-day warranty and replacement parts are promptly shipped so that you can get back on the water quickly. And, the shipping is free…another very important consideration.

Are you daring enough to try your hand at skill tubing? If you’re game, then we have the tube to get the job done. The Sportsstuff U Slalom 2 Towable Tube will satisfy even the most intrepid of thrill seekers. Where will you use your Sportsstuff inflatable water toy?
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