Sportsstuff Half Pipe Frantic – Another Versatile Ride

Sportsstuff Half Pipe Frantic Towable Tube

Are you looking for an inflatable towable that can provide a nice calm and gentle ride? Or, are you interested in a more exciting ride? The Sportsstuff Half Pipe Frantic Towable Tube can give you the best of both worlds. Let’s look at the product information, and then we’ll talk more about this tube.

Product Features and Specifications of Sportsstuff Half Pipe Frantic:

Amazon rating of 5 star customer review
• P.U. fabric coating
• Double stitched nylon full cover with zipper
• Double web foam handles
• Foam flat handles
• EVA form body pads
• 45 degree angle sides for stability
• Reinforced tow systems
• Self bailing drain vent
• Heavy gauge PVC bladder
• One chamber inflation
• Padded valve cover
• Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
• Inflated 84″ x 84″
• Designed for 3 riders maximum
• Bright water sports graphics
• Shipping limitation: currently, can only be shipped within U.S.

U shape Towable Tube

The “U” shape of the Half Pipe allows the tube to provide a more energetic reaction to steep wakes. It also enables the occupants to stay on board when the ride goes “frantic”. With room enough for three; this towable toy is the perfect balance of action and stability.

Comfort and security

It has fully covered EVA foam body pads for each of the three riders as well as an abundance of handles to allow for multiple riding positions. These handles are double webbed foam handles that have knuckle guards to make hanging on easier and more comfortable.

Exceptional water fun

Can you imagine you and your family riding this awesome 3 rider inflatable towable? It gets a 5 star rating from Amazon reviewers and it is well-deserved when you consider the quality and workmanship of the product as well as the fun component of it. This tube can be gently pulled behind the boat for a tame ride or it can be towed faster for the splashy fun that most people climb aboard a towable tube to experience. The graphics are fun, too.

This towable toy will provide many hours and years of reliable water fun for the entire family. Can you hear the giggles from the kids and the laughter from the adults as they fly along bouncing merrily on the wake and waves? Because the design is concave, the Frantic can be steered left or right by simply shifting your weight to whichever side you wish to go. So, the ride can be somewhat controlled by the riders and be calm or wild depending on the mood and courage of the occupants.

Are you ready to bring on the fun? Gather the family together, invite your friends along, too, and head for the lake or the ocean. Make some memories that will be cherished for years to come by all involved. Quality time spent together is such a precious commodity these days. The kids grow up so fast and friendships can change sometimes just as rapidly. Don’t you want to make some wonderful memories now while you still can? The Sportsstuff Half Pipe Frantic will help you do that.

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