Sportsstuff Grandstand 2 – Stand Up and Be Counted

Sportsstuff Grandstand 2 Towable Boat Tube

How many ways can you spell fun? How many ways can you ride an inflatable towable tube? Are you looking for versatility? Are you interested in a ride on the wild side? Stand up and be counted among the hundreds of satisfied owners of the Sportsstuff Grandstand 2 towable tube! Let’s look at the product specifications and features of this quality product.

Product Features and Specifications:

Amazon customer review 4.5 of 5 stars
• Heavy duty full nylon cover with zipper
• Exclusive reduced drag nose design
• Heavy gauge PVC bladders
• Dual steering leashes for maximum control
• Aluminum quick connect tow system
• Custom sure grip handles
• EVA foam knee and knuckle guards
• Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
• Self bailing drain vents
• Inflated length: 98 inches
• Inflated width: 82 inches
• Shipping limitations: currently can only be shipped within U.S.

This 2 rider towable offers incredible ride versatility. Are you tired of sitting to ride? Well then, this Sportsstuff tube allows you to stand up and experience the thrill of skiing on a towable.

Incredible design features

It features an exclusive reduced drag nose design that prevents dipping into the water at start up to produce effortless towing as well as facilitating multiple rider positions, including the standing position just mentioned.

They have designed this awesome stand-up towable tube with dual steering leashes and have provided a multitude of their exclusive sure grip handles to make it possible to hang on in any position while you’re on the water.

The Grandstand 2 boasts some pretty exceptional deck graphics on both the upper and under side of the tube. Everyone will certainly notice that you are coming on this towable craft!

Incredible fun for two

This exceptionally designed Sportsstuff tube has a 4-star rating with Amazon reviews, and, rightfully so, based on the quality of the product and the splashy, thrilling fun component of it. Invite a friend to join you on the tube, while you ride in a standing position, sitting forward position or lying on your belly position. It is a ride that you will want to repeat again…and again…and again. Feel the wind blowing through your hair and the water splashing everywhere. Hear the laughter and giggles as you watch your kids having the ride of their lives on the Grandstand 2.

The biggest problem

The biggest problem you’ll likely have will be who gets to ride first…and of course…everyone will need to try each possible ride position before they’ll be willing and ready to relinquish it to the next rider. Unfortunately, even with the incredible quality and design features of this tube, it has no feature to help manage this problem. But then, this problem will only present itself if you are willing to share the ride. People have been known to become very possessive and territorial over this awesome tube, making sharing simply not an option.

Available Accessories

The 2.5 PSI pump and 4 K tow rope are sold separately. The 2.5 PSI, 110-volt pump will inflate or deflate your inflatable in a hurry. It comes with an assortment of nozzles to adapt to your needs and has a high-volume, low-pressure output to get the job done quickly.
4k Tow Rope is 4100-pound (1.86 Mg) break strength! This heavy-duty rope is perfect for towing any tube with up to 4 riders. It features a molded plastic caddy for easy storage. It measures 60 Feet (18.3 meter) length.
Will you stand up and be counted among the happy owners of the Sportsstuff Grandstand 2 Towable? Free shipping is an option…just one more reason to stand up and be counted!

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