Sportsstuff Chariot Warbird 2 Towable Tube: Multi-Use Ride!

Are you ready to get out on the water for some of the greatest fun you have ever experienced? Now you can with this multi-use towable boat tube from Sportsstuff. As one of the most well knows manufacturers of these products on the market, this is one company that knows just how to make you yell in delight. Once you lay your eyes on this model you may not ever want to ride a different tube again. Get ready to hang on for the ride of your life!

Sportsstuff Chariot Warbird 2 towable

The Sportsstuff Chariot Warbird 2 Rider Towable Tube is perhaps one of the greatest towable tubes ever. With a greater level of versatility than many other products, you will find that riding the waves on the back of this awesome tube is just plain awesome! The Chariot Warbird series offers a super wide wingspan. This allows you to take on tougher wakes than most tubes even dream of. You will be able to do so with supreme confidence.

With plenty of handles all around and the high backrest you will remain quite secure. You will be able to love every second as you blast through wakes. There are two separate tow points on this particular model inflatable towable for adults. This allow you to hook up and ride it on your knees like a water based chariot or switch it around and take a load off. You can sit with your back against the rest and enjoy the ride of your life.

Outstanding Fun, Excellent Quality

Sportsstuff is known for producing versatile boating water sports tubes made of some of the highest quality materials available. The Chariot Warbird 2 Towable Ski Tube is a superb example of this commitment to quality. Each one is printed with custom graphics that offer an enhanced level of visibility for safer fun on the water. The quick connect system for connecting your tow rope is made of high quality aluminum which will hold up to repeated use over time.

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The air bladders are made of heavy gauge PVC. Several foam handles covered with double webbing have been strategically placed. This will allow you to keep a good grip while whipping through wakes and flying across the water. There are also knee and knuckle guards made from EVA foam. This means no worries about getting your skin rubbed unmercifully by bare PVC which can happen with models from cheaper competitors.

Your new 2 rider tow behind tube will come with a full cover made from heavy duty nylon and featuring a zipper. It also comes standard with a speed valve for quickly getting inflated and on the water or getting it deflated just as quickly to get back home. There is even a canopy sold separately that will convert your Chariot Warbird 2 Towable Tube into a lounger complete with its own shade.

Inflated Dimensions: 31″ L x 78″ W x 90″ H

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