Sportsstuff 2 + 2 Bandwagon – Versatility At Its Best

Sportsstuff 2 + 2 Bandwagon

Are you looking for an inflatable towable that provides a unique ride? Perhaps you own other towables and you have had wonderful fun in the sun with them but you are looking for something just a little different but that still allows for multiple riders with wild splashy fun and excitement. If this describes you, then please allow me to introduce you to the Sportsstuff 2 + 2 Bandwagon inflatable towable.

Product Description:

This action towable for one to four riders features a dragless nose design for effortless towing that virtually eliminates nose diving at startup.

Sportsstuff Bandwagon

Sportsstuff 2+2 Bandwagon

Sportsstuff Bandwagon Towable Product Details:

• Dimensions: 13 x 21 x 25 inches (deflated)
• Shipping weight: 60 pounds
• Heavy gauge PVC bladder
• Reinforced heavy duty tow system, patented aluminum quick connect tow point
• Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
• Double webbing flat foam handles
• Exclusive reduced drag nose design
• High visibility custom graphics
• Heavy duty full nylon cover with zipper
• High back recumbent mesh seating
• EVA form knee and knuckle guards
• Self bailing drain vents
• Inflated length: 118 inches
• Inflated width: 70 inches

Multiplicity and Versatility

This Sportsstuff inflatable towable has the capacity for 4 riders and those riders can choose to ride sitting forward or backward, kneeling or lying down. This provides an exciting ride in whatever style you care to use. With the multiple seating capacities, the whole family can ride together. Other product owners report that riders can change positions easily and safely. They also report the benefit of the backrest for the front riders as it prevents or reduces fatigue. So your riders can choose to ride in the cushy recumbent position or experience the higher degree of bouncy fun afforded by the rear kneeling position.

Learning Curve

Beware of the learning curve involved in riding this awesome multi-purpose boating tube. Lean the wrong way at the wrong time…and…over you go. But, no worries, just climb back aboard and around you go again. After all, getting wet is the reason you came to the lake, right? You’ll quickly learn the leaning technique that gets you the kind of ride you crave, especially as you fly over another boat’s wake. Imagine the excitement you and your family will experience on the water with this craft.

Dragless Nose

One huge design improvement in the Bandwagon versus other towables of similar style is the exclusive reduced drag nose design. This design improvement simply means that the towable tube won’t “submarine” at start up. This lack of “submarining” at start up is important because if the nose drags down in the water…guess what happens to the tube? That’s right…it flips over…spilling out all the riders before they have the opportunity to experience the ride! What a waste of ride time that would be!

Great Reviews

This inflatable towable is getting some great reviews at Amazon – 4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews. Not everyone reports pleasurable experiences (a fact of life), but the majority of the reviews at Amazon are extremely positive. The Sportsstuff 2 + 2 Bandwagon towable is an amazing 1 to 4 rider water sports toy that you and your family will love for years to come. And shipping is always free. Are you game to try it?

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