Sportsstuff Inc.

Sportsstuff began operations in 1987 at a time when there were very few if any companies out that produced inflatable(s) that were towed on the water. Today they are a leader in inflatable water toys that are towable. This company is located in Omaha, Nebraska and was privately owned, until it was purchased in April 2010 by Kwik Tek, a Golden, CO company.   Kwik Tek stated that the Sportsstuff brand is recognized as the top innovator in the inflatable industry,

They have invented several products since their inception. These have been patented by this company. They continue to be leaders in this industry. Constant improvement and dedication are a great part of this company’s growth through the years. With a belief in family and families playing together the future continues to look bright for them.

This company prides itself on its innovative products. All of their products are made of high quality material that will last years with proper use and care. They continue to look for new ideas on products that they feel are in demand by consumers. Their goal is to produce a high quality item that is perfect for the use by family and friends.

Water Safety First

Water safety is of primary importance whenever you are on the water. This is especially true when you are playing on the water. Water sports and activities are wonderfully fun and great exercise. These activities are something that you can do together with family and friends. With this there is never a time when you are on the water that you shouldn’t practice using safety measures.

The first thing is to use common sense when on the water. Know the waterways that you will be playing on and what the regulations are for the area both state and federal. When pulling a towable have two people in the boat. Of these two people one will be operating the boat while the other is the observer for those being towed. Have hand signals that all agree on and know prior to playing. Be sure that life jackets and other safety equipment is being used.

Always check your equipment prior to taking it out on the water. With tubes that will be towed check that they are properly inflated. Check for any leaks, tears or weak seams that may have occurred during storage. If covers are on check these as well. Be sure that you only use a tow rope that is made for the tube that you will be towing and that it is in good condition. Check to see that attachment points are ok and that rope is properly attached.

These may seem like they are obvious but many people are so excited about being on the water on a beautiful day that they forget to do a check. It only takes a few minutes to do the checks but can save a life and a lifetime of grief.

Sportsstuff has great products that are tons of fun and make many happy memories for families and friends. Take a look at all the absolutely wonderful products that Sportsstuff has to offer.


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