Sevylor / Coleman

Whether you are towing friends on towable riders or trolling for fish in quiet waters, look to Sevylor to find everything you need for fun and quiet times alike. They are owned by Coleman, so you know their products are geared for the outdoors.

If you enjoy boating, you may have been disappointed that you can’t really get your family into the fun without a large investment. You’ll be happy to know that Sevylor makes boats that are inexpensive and easy to use. They have long been known by boat recreation lovers for their quality towables, and their boats are easy to set up.

The three-person inflatable boat is fairly speedy to inflate, with their convenient foot pump. The materials are heavy duty PVC, which is very durable. It can withstand the punishment of cargo, fishing, weather and normal usage.

With an Sevylor inflatable boat, you don’t have the hassle of buying or building a trailer and then plating it. You can haul your boat in the back of your truck, and it can be ready to go in just minutes. These boats are buoyant and stable, and are rated by how many pounds they can carry.

If you’re concerned about the compatibility for motors, you’ll find that Sevylor’s three person inflatable can use either a gasoline or electric motor. You can purchase a motor mount from Sevylor, and add a Sevylor SBM 12v motor, or a gas motor of up to 2hp. Motors will allow you to cruise the lakes without using your oars. It’s a good idea to keep oars on board, in case something happens to your motor.

Sevylor inflatable boats are strong but very light in weight. There are special air chambers to enhance the boat’s stability and rigidity. As compared to a V-shaped rigid boat, you’ll find that inflatables don’t have the propensity for tipping or leaning. These particular boats sit high on the water, too, so you can access some places that shorter boats can’t.

Sevylor also makes great towables. Load up the 3-IN-1 Party Tube and let the fun begin! You can convert this model from a two to a four person towable, and even to a six-person island. It’s made of durable PVC with a nylon cover that’s heavy duty, to handle all the fun. There are ten handles, and they have neoprene knuckle guards to keep the riders’ hands from rubbing. Four boarding straps are very handy to use, and the anti-abrasion pads make the 3-IN-1 party tube more comfortable for all. It comes with a 90 day warranty.

The Hydrofusion 2 Towable has many of the same great features of the 3-IN-1, just on a smaller scale. It is 80 inches long and 70 inches wide, and holds two people easily. The PVC bladder is removable, allowing the rider to sit in the towable, like a cockpit, or lay on it like a deck tube. In the deck tube design, there is a neoprene pad zipped over the PVC 23 gauge bladder. When you use the cockpit design, there is an inflatable floor to allow for more comfortable rides. This durable towable is made from 23 gauge PVC with an 840D nylon cover.

However you want to have fun on the water, Sevylor can help!

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