Seiko Waterproof Watches

Since 1881 Seiko has been a leader in the watch making industry. The company is proud to claim many “firsts” in watch technology, such as: the first quartz watch, the first quartz watch with a six digit digital display, the first multifunction digital watch, the first TV watch, the first watch with sound recording technology, the first quartz watch with an alarm chronograph, the first watch with computer functions, the first power generating (AGS) quartz watch (now known as “Kinetic”), the first computerized diver’s watch, the first watch with a perpetual calendar, the first watch powered by body heat, the first spring drive watch, the first 3-band radio wave controlled watch, the first watch with an electrophoresis display, the first watch capable of measuring elapsed time in glide motion, and the first watch ever designed for a space walk. Today, Seiko continues its long line of firsts, with the release of the world’s first EPD watch with an active matrix system.

It should come as no surprise that people who demand the best in time pieces with the most features and optimal performance turn to Seiko. Individuals who take part in diving and other water sports are no exception. For years, Seiko has been one of the top manufacturers of waterproof dive watches. The company continues to advance their dive collection today, adding more features and option than ever before. Here is a look at the current product line.

Seiko’s Kinetic Dive Watches

Among some of Seiko’s best selling watches, these dive watches come complete with a wide range of features. This line offers the most advanced electronic watch technology, with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. The watch is completely powered by the movement of your body, and comes equipped with a power reserve indicator that stores up to six months of power. The watch displays hour, minute, and second hands that glow in the dark, along with a one way rotating elapsed timing bezel. The case back and crown both screw down, and the time piece is water resistant up to a depth of one hundred meters.

Seiko’s Automatic Dive Watches

Another favorite line of watches amongst divers and water sports fanatics, the Automatic Dive collection from Seiko is sure to please. These stylish watches come in either 21 or 23 jewel versions, and feature self-winding capabilities. There is no need for batteries, as the time piece is powered automatically with the movement of the arm. The Automatic Dive collection has an inner rotating compass dial ring, stainless steel case, optional stainless bracelets, and one way rotating elapsed timing bezel. Both the case back and crown screw down, and the hands glow in the dark. The watch is dive tested to withstand water up to a depth of two hundred meters.

No matter which Seiko option you choose, you can rest assured you are getting one of the best quality dive watches on the market. All of the dive options come with large dials, making them easy to read and handle underwater, even in a wetsuit.

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