Sanyo Waterproof Cameras and Camcorders

Having been a leader in personal electronics for over sixty years, Sanyo continues to strive to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

The company’s mission has always been and continues to be “to be an indispensable element in the lives of people all over the world by delivering unique and total sustainable solutions that enhance all lifestyles and industries.” As people continue to lead more active lives and demand the latest and greatest in technology, Sanyo continues to meet the ever changing needs of the modern world by continually developing innovative and useful products.

The company is diligent in its effort to provide solutions to all consumer needs and wants. This has become quite evident with Sanyo’s new line of waterproof cameras and camcorders.

Sanyo is proud to offer two waterproof options in a new line of products known as “Dual Cameras”. These cameras are versatile tools that shoot both still pictures and high definition video on land and underwater. The dual cameras are revolutionary new photographic tools that are a must have for anyone on the go.

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