Rave Sports O-Zone XL 12′ Water Trampoline: Jump for Joy

Perhaps all too appropriate, and of course all too overdone, but … you’ll be jumping for joy like it’s nobody’s business after you experience the Rave Sports O-zone XL 12’ Water Trampoline.  You could probably ascertain for yourself from even the pictures alone that Rave has once again done it.  The “it” of course is delivering a once in a lifetime, one of a kind experience for your family and friends.

Rave Sports O-Zone XL 12′ Water Trampoline – 02274

Summary of Rave Sports Water Trampoline Features:

    • Price includes O-Zone, anchor bag and PVC Repair Kit; Shipping is FREE
    • 4 carrying handles
    • 6.5’diameter Jumping Surface
    • Accommodates 4 children bouncers or 2 adult bouncers at a time
    • 5-step woven polypropylene climbing platform
    • UV inhibitors are specially blended into the chemistry of PVC materials to reduce fading
    • One year warranty against material failures or faulty workmanship
    • Five star reviews on Amazon
    • Shipping is FREE

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Specifications of the Rave Water Trampoline:

  • Product Dimensions:12’ diameter deflated; 36” high
  • Recommended anchoring:35 lbs
  • Water depth required:8 ft
  • Material:Heavy duty PVC
  • Tools needed for set up:Inflator(not included)
  • Time to inflate tube:10-20 min

You’ll get to experience the gift of weightlessness even if only for a couple of mere moments.  You’ll get to experience the joy of your kids just sparkling in the summer sun, glistening with beads of sweat and water, but above all fun from spending the day jumping and playing.  Most importantly, you’ll get to experience the outdoors with your family like it was meant to be, filled with an abundance of good memories.

Jump for Joy on a Regular Basis

As a leader in outdoor water related recreation, Rave Sports prides itself on delivering quality and ensuring safety at the same time.  The name Rave should just scream out safety and fun simultaneously.  This water trampoline comes completely equipped with all the essential tools and accessories that you might need for an afternoon of bouncing around.  For instance, it comes with an anchor bag that will allow for perfect positioning, as well as a very convenient PVC repair kit for those chance encounters with over zealous jumpers.

YouTube Preview Image

Notice how much the kids enjoy this, and it has an optional slide – click here to order yours today!

The 6.5 foot diameter jumping surface of this water platform makes it an ideal trampoline for everyone.  Basically there’s enough room for everyone and the real-estate on this bad boy won’t run out anytime.

Of course Rave Sports also took care of other details like making sure you have an easy way to climb back on after you’re finished doing cannonballs into the water.  You’ll notice that they’ve conveniently and ingeniously included a five-step woven polypropylene climbing platform that allows for easy access from the water and back onto the jumping surface.

Little things you might also notice from the designers at Rave are the sneaky and tiny UV inhibitors that are blended in like ninjas to block the sun’s powers out.  This just means that your inflatable trampoline will look like the same way it did the very first time you cracked open the box, dragged it out to your cottage and pumped this fun factory up.

So go ahead and splurge this year for your family because it’s definitely worth the price of admission.  It should also be mentioned that the air you’re surrounded by while jumping for pure, wholesome joy definitely tastes different, or perhaps the best word to describe it is fantastic.  So what are you waiting for? Get jumping today! Click Here for Sale Pricing


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