Rave Sports 6 Seat Waterboggan Boat Tow – A Wild Banana Boat

Rave Sports 6 Seat Waterboggan Boat Tow – A Wild Banana Boat

What is that yellow thing being pulled behind that boat? All those people on it look as though they are having the time of their lives…all are agog with smiles and laughter galore. The Rave 6 seat Waterboggan Boat Tow is the perfect water sled to keep your family, friends, guests or campers satisfied on the water. Check out the products specs and features on this amazing 6 rider towable boat tube:


6 seat Waterboggan Boat TowProduct Specifications:

• Inflated product dimensions: 25 inches H x 4 feet W x 18.5 feet L
• Weight: 43 pounds
• Tube material is made of 1,000 Denier 28-oz PVC
• Tools needed for set up: inflator (not included)
• Time to inflate: 5 to 10 minutes

Product Features:

• Easily transports and inflates for convenient use
• 6 seats provide a comfortable ride
• one year warranty against material failure or faulty workmanship
• Optional accessories not included in the price but can be added for an additional cost.
• Price includes Waterboggan and PVC repair kit
• These commercial grade towables use heat-welded seams that will last for years.

Tube Tow Rope Specifications:

• 2 person dimensions: 3/8 inch diameter
• 3 person dimensions: ½ inch diameter
• 4 person dimensions: 5/8 inch diameter
• 6 person dimensions: 7/8 inch diameter
• WARNING: for the safety of your riders and boat occupants, it is extremely important that a properly rated tow rope is used when pulling tubes with multiple riders.

Imagine the Fun…

Let’s get creative here and imagine a weekend on the lake, camping in the woods or staying in a log cabin near the shore. The beautiful warm sunny days of summer provide the perfect weather for loads of fun in the sun with this multiple water sports toy. You have gathered the kids and their friends for a week long camp out at the lake and everyone is so excited. There will be camp fires over which hot dogs and marshmallows will be roasted and around which stories will be spun and songs sung. In the daytime, you have planned some hiking and exploring activities but you know you just can’t be NEAR the water without being IN the water. No other equation will work. You would be hard-pressed to find a more wonderful way to spend a warm sunny afternoon on the water than flying around the lake on this 6 rider water sled. This towable boat tube will accommodate up to 6 riders comfortably and it will provide a ton of fun and enjoyment in the sun for your family and friends.

Easily transported

The waterboggan is easily transported wherever you care to take it. Just inflate it and you are ready to ride and fly behind the boat. A word of caution here…you need to be sure to tell everyone that climbs aboard this mega piece of fun that they need to be ready to get wet…did I say “wet” …what I really meant was “soaked” when the boat maneuvers and makes unexpected turns.

Do you have memories to make with your family? How will a Rave Sports 6 Seat Waterboggan Boat Tow fit into those memories?  And, remember, the shipping is free!

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