Choosing The Right Tow Rope For Your Towables

Taking the day off and getting out on the water is one of the best aspects of warmer weather. One way to have that little extra bit of fun is to get a towable tube. These come in a wide variety of types, shapes, and number of passengers that can ride on each water tube. This being said, they all have two things in common; they have to have a bigger powered craft to tow it with, and means to connect to that bigger craft. One of the most common means is by a tow rope.

Rave Towable tube 15 Rope

Rave Sports 15 Tube Tow Rope

Choosing what type of tow rope to use for your needs is easy with a little know how. The first thing that needs to be considered is what type of towable are you going to use? There are a few basic types: rigid structures such as skis, water boards, and wind sailing boards; there are also inflatable rafts as well. These inflatable devices usually are known as tubes because of the bladders that are filled with air to enable them to float on the water in a similar way that a rigidly formed craft made out of wood or fiber glass would. These tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well.

Find A Tow Rope To Meet Your Needs

The heavier the towable, the stronger the connections needs to be. So, for instance, if you are towing a towable only slightly lighter and smaller than the powered craft, you would need a connection that would be able to stand up to the weight of the crafts at speeds higher that can be achieved by mere humans alone.
You also need to know how many individuals your towable can carry safely. A rope that is created for a one person boat tube would never be able to tow a tube that could carry sat six to eight individuals, especially when you add speed to the equation. The rope would snap or unravel depending making it unsafe to ride.
Speed is also a factor. Ropes not only have weight limits but also speed restrictions on their design and manufacture as well. You always need to check these restriction to insure that you are using proper safety precautions.

Where you use your towable also has an effect what kind of rope that might use. Some private lakes or state parks with water access only allow certain types of water toys, and may even have specific rules on what grade and size of crafts and rope that you must use. So, it is always best to check the specific rules for each site you which to use.

Tow rope connectors are also important for a water craft driver/rider to learn about. Some tow behind tubes come with their own quick or sure connect devices. These are such a time saver and can give you piece of mind while out on the water. The quick/sure connect mechanism assures you that your towables will not accidentally disconnect, and making set up and break down a breeze.

If you’re particular tube does not come pre-equipped with such a device, there are sets that can be purchased separately. This is something to look into because it does make for a better experience due to the simple fact that you do not have to worry about trying to figure how to set your towable connection up safely.
Remembering safety in every aspect of water sports is always something that anyone who is going to be out on the water needs to remember. The proper rope and set up is a good start but there are also other issues to consider.

One such issue is protection of hands. A plain rope can be hard on delicate skin especially when you add in the effect that water can have on the skin over an extended period of time. This waterlogged state can cause skin to scrape or bruise more easily.

There are a great number of solutions out there today. One is a material called EVA, a soft flexible material that increases grip but decreases chance of abrasion. This also cuts down on chances of infection later.

This may seem like a lot to consider, but if you bring all these things into consideration when looking for the right tow rope, you will be just fine.

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