Rave Sports

RAVE was founded in 1996 by a team led by Norm Mears and began business in March of 1997. Their dream and vision was to build a company that could quickly take any innovative, alternative play products to a worldwide market. They are located in Minnesota known as the land of many lakes.

This company began as a commercial supplier with only two products that they had acquired which included the Aqua Jump water trampoline and the Sun Kat electric catamaran. These two products provided the company with the necessary initial products. Through strong marketing techniques and media interest as well as celebrity endorsements they grew fast. It was not long that they were shipping their products worldwide.

In the beginning the products were used in recreational areas as rentals. It didn’t take long for the company to realize their need for increased growth. They soon were supplying not only recreational areas but individual consumers as well to meet the demands. In 1998 they were recognized by the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association as one of the finalists in their “Sports Product of the Year” for the Aqua Jump.

Family Fun First

There are many reasons that Rave stands out but possibly the best is their commitment to family. They feel that family is important and that having fun together makes lasting memories. Being in Minnesota with 10,000 lakes you can see why the water was of such interest to them. They work hard and play hard with family and friends. This is important to them and to their families.

Rave believes in high quality safe dependable water toys and works toward this end. They not only produce water toys but believe in the safety and dependability of their toys. That is why you will find them on the water testing their products with their own families. It provides them with an opportunity to have family fun, stay fit and test their products. They have to believe in the quality and safety of the products they produce or they would not allow their own children and families to do this.  One of their most popular is the Rave Sports Hydro Tow, which is great for smaller children!

When you think of Rave Inc. you think of quality, dependability, and safety. This is what’s important to all consumers worldwide. No one wants to purchase from a company that doesn’t use its own products or feel that their products are not safe. This company continues to strive for new and improved products for the future. These are products that families can have years of enjoyment from and produce memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t just read about this company but take a look now at all of the products that Rave has to offer. Buy one today and you can feel confident that you are buying a product that is dependable, quality, and will bring lots of fun to you and your family. You never grow too old to play or let the inner child come out. When you buy products produced by Rave you are just buying toys for the child that is still in you. So go ahead and have some fun.


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