O’Brien Water Sports

Since its inception in 1962, O’Brien has been a ruling force in the water sports market.  Perhaps best known for their line of towable water sports products, O’Brien has been a leader in design and innovation.  The company is proud of their mission statement, which is to simply produce water sports items that “enhance the performance of our world class team of athletes”.  O’Brien continues to do this today as they utilize the latest technology to create the best, most enjoyable items available.  No matter what type of O’Brien product you choose, you can feel confident you have the best in water sports.  Below are some of their most popular product offerings.

Towable Tubes

Ever since their invention of “Le Tube” over twenty five years ago, the tubing world has never been the same.  Today the company offers over nineteen different performance tube options.  These towable tubes are made from an exceptional grade of heavy gauge PVC, with nylon coverings, heavy duty handles, knuckle guards, quick connect tow hooks, and durable valves.  From traditional tube options to the more elaborate “Barf Ball”, which features a sphere shaped design for ultimate spinning ability, you can rest assured you will have hours of fun on the water with O’Brien tubes.


O’Brien has put a great deal of effort into designing their line of wakeboards.  They are proud to offer a wide range of options that are set up differently for all levels of athletes.  From beginners to pros, there is an option for all skills.  All of the wakeboards are carefully designed and crafted with molded flank fins for stability and tracking, beveled edges, continuous rockers, and double barrel channels.  They come with different binding options including system foot bindings, kick bindings, and device bindings.  These boards are jam packed with performance features that are sure to please any type of water athlete!

Water Skis

O’Brien has revolutionized waterskiing with their diverse line of skis.  From options for beginners that can be adjusted to fit various sizes for shared use, to professional options with the latest in ski technology, there is sure to be a product to meet all your water sports needs.  O’Brien skis are designed for easier starts, to be exceptionally durable for long term use, and are extra stable.  The dual tunnel design allows for greater control, while being lightweight and easy to maneuver.  There are even youth options that teach new skiers proper techniques through better control with wide bodies, stabilizer bars, and parabolic shapes.

Wake Skates

O’Brien has taken water sports to a higher level once again with their line of wake skates.  Similar to a wakeboard, but with a foam grip, wake skates provide more “pop” off the wake.  O’Brien wake skates are constructed out of high density materials to give more weight to the deck for better control and more maneuverability.  These skates also offer a smooth ride that provides a bit more protection from obstacles.  Comfortable on the feet with fantastic grip, O’Brien wake skates are an increasingly popular option for any water sport fanatic.


Built to the same high standards as their other products, O’Brien kneeboards offer exceptional performance, design, and durability.  V-shaped hulls allow the user to have superior control, while enjoying a comfortable ride.  These kneeboards have durable tow hooks, padded straps for soft landings, flexmolded padding, and a secure fit that results in smooth starts.


Because O’Brien knows the importance of looking good while achieving great results on the water, they are proud to offer a wide variety of water sports accessories.  With products including specialized water sports apparel, gloves, vests, bags and cases, ropes, handles, and bindings, O’Brien can outfit any enthusiast for safety, security, and most importantly performance.

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