Island Hopper 5 – Passenger Inline Heavy Recreational Banana Boat – PVC5 – Hey, Someone Stop that Banana

Island Hopper 5 – Passenger Inline Heavy Recreational Banana Boat – PVC5

How many times have you taken the family to the lake to spend a relaxing day having fun in the sun only to have it spoiled by bickering and fighting among the kids about who gets to ride the towable tube? If this sounds like a scenario that plays out far too often in your family time, I have the perfect solution for you. The Island Hopper 5-Passenger Inline Heavy Recreational Banana Boat can make this scenario a thing of the past. Let’s look at the product specifications to get a feel for the quality of this inflatable water tube.

5 Passenger Inline Heavy Recreational Banana Boat

5 Passenger Inline Heavy Recreational Banana Boat

Product Specifications for 5-Passenger Banana Boat:

• 5-passenger inline heavy recreational banana boat
• Color: yellow
• Material: 1000 denier PVC
• Hand crafted using glue bonded overlapping seams
• Includes: stainless steel pull rings, extended D-ring harness with double reinforced tow harness with steel toggle
• 2-piece Halkey-Robert valves
• Shipped ready to use, complete with storage bag, foot pump and repair kit
• 90 day limited warranty against defects
• Double boxed for secure shipment
• Outdoor use only
• Dimensions: 51 inches wide by 204 inches deep (4’3” wide, 17’ long)
• Maximum load capacity is 1,000 pounds
• Weight: 72 pounds

The Island Hopper is built using 22 oz. 1000 denier PVC reinforced materials. Each boat is hand made using glue bonded overlapping seams. This tube is perfect for the “hard use” required for family recreation. Aqua Sports has sold thousands of these banana boat tubes to satisfied customers since 1991. All boats come as a complete set and are “ready to use”.

Problem Solved

With this 5 rider towable tube, each and every member of the family can get his or her fair share of exciting splashy water fun all day long. Just imagine the pleasure of spending the day on the water and not having to hear the kids accusing one another of being a “tube hog”. Everyone in the family can have multiple trips around the lake and you can have the relaxing, even if not quiet, day that you planned without the usual frustrations.

Top Seller

This is a top selling five-man super sled towable banana boat that will delight even the most skeptical water enthusiast as they fly along behind the boat with water splashing in their faces and winds blowing through their hair. The whole family could literally ride together on this inflatable water tube. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

Top Quality Workmanship

The quality of the product will keep you coming back for more of these fun and exciting towable toys. These boat tubes are hand made with the type of attention to detail you would expect to find in a much higher priced product.

What a delight it will be for your family and friends when you entertain them with the awesome Island Hopper 5-Passenger Inline Heavy Recreational Banana Boat! What a thrill you will get when you see the incredible joy on the faces of your children as you pull them around the lake, giggling and laughing excitedly as they bounce along on the banana boat! How priceless are these memories you’re making during these precious formative years with your children. Do you have some memories yet to be made? And, of course as always, the shipping is free.

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