Aqua Sports Island Hopper Turtle Hop Bouncer – A True Boredom Breaker

Aqua Sports Island Hopper Turtle Hop Bouncer – A True Boredom Breaker

Imagine a warm, sunny day and you have decided to take the family to the lake to relax. With a continued warm and sunny weekend predicted, you have high hopes of spending a couple of days lounging in the sun, catching up on your tan. So you have your weekend planned quite nicely, but what do you do about the kids? We all know that the kids just don’t seem to understand the word “relax”. It is just not in their vocabularies. How are you going to keep them entertained to prevent the boredom that always causes unrest to invade and burst your peaceful bubble? Please allow me to introduce you to the Aqua Sports Island Hopper Turtle Hop Bouncer. Let’s take a look at the product specifications to get a glimpse of the quality of this product.

Island Hopper Turtle Hop Bouncer

Aqua Sports Island Hopper Turtle Hop Bouncer

Island Hopper Turtle Water Bouncer Product Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions: inflated 182 inches wide (leg to fin), 166 inches long (head to tail), 140 inch base, 34 inches tall, 9 feet of usable surface.
  • Sturdy 30 gauge PVC material.
  • Electronic welded seams.
  • Seven chamber design.
  • There are four anchor-tie D-rings to allow for safe and secure mooring.
  • Three step “easy access” ladder.
  • Nine swimmer assist handles.
  • Dual option fill valves.
  • 140 inch diameter tube.
  • 166 inch overall width.
  • Springless, interfaced nylon webbing “bouncer” design.
  • 90 day limited seam warranty.
  • One year jump surface replacement warranty.

The Turtle Hop is the newest addition to the Aqua Sports water bouncer line; it sets up in minutes and is easily transported. It is constructed of 30 gauge PVC material and has electronically welded seams. Graphically enhanced, the independently chambered head, arms and feet provide a wider and more stable platform that will add to the kid’s fun and enjoyment, not to mention your peace of mind as well.

Perfect for Lounging

Having a built-in, springless polypropylene bouncer surface gives this water trampoline a perfect softer platform for adult lounging, while giving the kids a great surface from which to hop into the water. This all combines to provide great fun in the sun for the whole family.

Complete Set – No Assembly

This water sports trampoline comes as a complete set and requires no assembly. All you have to do is inflate it and start hopping and having fun. Please note that is product is not designed for heavy or commercial use. This is a product your family will enjoy for many years to come. And, don’t forget that the shipping is always free. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

So, I ask you, can you see yourself lounging on this Aqua Sport water bouncer? Can you see your kids hopping around on it or hopping into the water? Can you hear the giggles and laughter as they play? The boredom we mentioned earlier…well it has become a thing of the past. And, best of all, the planned weekend of relaxing on the water just got better than you ever expected. Is there an Aqua Sports Island Hopper Turtle Hopper Bouncer in your family’s future?

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