Garmin Marine Products

Garmin Marine

It should come as no surprise that Garmin is one of the top manufacturers of marine navigation products. The company’s dedication to developing quality products that are easy to use, come equipped with plenty of handy features, and sized to meet your exact needs while on the water is clear in their current product line. From fish finders to GPS systems and plenty of other gadgets in between, you simply cannot go wrong with a Garmin.

Let’s take a look at some of Garmin’s current marine product offerings.


With three current product options on the market today, Garmin Autopilot units allow mariners to have the certainty and safety they desire while heading out on the water, yet the freedom to enjoy their time away from the controls.

The GHP 10 system is a popular option that provides easy interfacing and data sharing with other devices. This autopilot system also offers a handy controller and remote that allows control from many different areas on the boat. The remote is also waterproof and floats if it is ever dropped into the water. It comes equipped with a bright back lit LCD screen and lighted keys for ease of use even in dim conditions. The system also comes with Shadow Drive technology that allows mariners to remain in control completely, even when the autopilot is engaged. This feature causes autopilot to disengage when the helm is turned, and then re-engage when the vessel is back to a steady course.


With features such as ultra bright large readout screens, preloaded maps, backlit keypads, seamless integration with various other Garmin electronics, high speed processors, BlueChart g2 vision cards, and compact easy to handle sizes, Garmin’s chartplotters have become a must have for any mariner. Add to these specs the options for handheld devices, waterproof options, chartplotters that float if dropped into water, and safety features such as MOB (Man Over Board) buttons for emergencies, and you have devices that are must haves on any vessel.

Communications & AIS

No vessel should be without some form of marine radio communication system. Garmin is proud to offer some of the best communication products around with plenty of options for almost any size boat. With features such as the ability to monitor all AIS stations at one time, and the option to equip the boat with multiple communication stations, you will never have to worry about being out of range while on the water.

Fish Finders

Garmin fish finders come with a wide variety of options and features. From remote sounders, to handheld devices, even transom mounded units there is sure to be a model for every need. Garmin fish finders are amongst the top in the industry and provide exceptional quality and service. These devices come equipped with bright color display screens that can be easily viewed even in sunlight, an “ultrascroll” feature, bottom lock, adjustable depth lines, deep and shallow water options, auto gain, and split screen zoom.

Marine GPS

Garmin is most definitely a figure of authority in the marine GPS market. These positioning systems are some of the most used devices of professional mariners and come equipped with state of the art features such as: color displays, high sensitivity GPS receivers, 3 axis electronic compasses, data sharing capabilities, memory card slots, barometric altimeters, plenty of preloaded maps, long battery life, and even the ability to float in water. Garmin GPS devices are available in both handheld and mounted options. Many of their mounted GPS systems offer sounder versions as well.


No matter what type of instrumentation you find yourself in need of, Garmin has an option. The product line is proud to feature: handheld instrument display units, wind sensors, fuel sensors, rudder angle adaptors, fluid level adaptors, engine tilt adaptors, water speed and temperature adaptors, GPS receivers, heading sensors, hull sensors, and a wide variety of transducers.


Garmin radar systems provide mariners with a whole new level of radar scanning abilities. These systems provide sharp images with digital high powered signal processing. The radar units offered by Garmin are some of the best target definition and weather penetrators in their class. With scanning ranges from 36nm to 72nm, and radar delivery of between 4 kilowatts and 12 kilowatts, these radar systems provide exceptional quality and years of worry free use.

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