Aquaglide Retro 3 Person Towable: “Trust Your Instincts” Tube

Aquaglide Retro 3 Person Towable

Even though summer is almost over, there is still plenty of time to get outdoors and do something with your friends and family that will make memories that will last all of you a life time. Some of these activities and sports are water related, which is always an adventure. Towables are a great way to start these adventures, of course there are always things to look for in a piece of equipment that your family can have fun with. You want something that is easy to use, as safe as possible, and that feels comfortable while you’re using it.

Aquaglide Retro 3 Inflatable TowableAquaglide Retro 3 Person Towable is a towable water tube that can meet all these criteria and more. Just imagine getting out on the lake and letting the wind and water whisk by you and you two best buds. This towable tube is made to accommodate up to three people at a time but if you want to go solo or even in pairs the Reflex will do the job.

Aquaglide Retro 3 Inflatable Towable


Features of the Retro 3 rider boat tube:

  • Accommodates 3 people
  • Rapid inflate valve
  • EVA rash guard
  • Quick connect towing attachment
  • Full wrap cover
  • Lower back support
  • 2 Way towing
  • Ultra wing
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Free Shippping

This Aquaglide tube is constructed to last and made with your comfort and safety in mind. There is EVA material “rash guard” on each of the grip handles. These EVA grips are soft and prevent rashes that could come from friction burns that occur when you are tubing with uncovered or untreated ropes. So you can have fun and not have to worry about skin abrasions from holding on for dear life because you are having a awesome ride.

Easy Set-up, Safety, Comfort, and Much More


When dealing with some inflatable water tubes on the market getting the valve on the tube can be a problem. With the 3 person Reflex this is not a problem at all. The fill valve is easy to operate and is a rapid inflate valve, so no worries on there.

Aquaglide 3 person towable

Connecting your tube to the tow rope can be trick as well but with this tube there is a quick connect attachment that makes the process as easy as 1, 2, 3. Plus there are two different options in the way you want to tow your Reflex. Either on the front of the tube, for those who prefer to set up, or in the back for those who would rather lie down on the tube.

For the ones who prefer to set up while having there wild ride the tube comes with a great lower back support. This helps take even more stress of the rider, with a much cushier ride. Either way you decide to tow or ride the Reflex 3 person tube everyone who does ride it will have a blast.

There is a one year warranty available on this tube as well, so in the case if any damages resulting from a manufactures defect than the replacement parts or a new tube can be sent to you.

Go and take a look at the Aquaglide Retro 3 Person Towable today and see how much fun you can have.

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