Aquaglide Lanai Lounge Towable: Lean Back & Relax

Aquaglide the name says it all. This is a company that is all about you having fun on the water with family and friends. Get ready for some awesome time spent on this lounge towable. With the ability to accommodate two people on this water lounge, you will have plenty of room for friends to share in the fun. All will have the wet thrilling ride that they have dreamed about. All Aquaglide water toys are built to the highest standards for your enjoyment and the Spitfire is no exception.

Aquaglide Lanai Towable Lounge

Summary of Lanai Features:

  • Accommodates 4 riders
  • Aquapark base
  • Sit, stand or lay on it
  • 98″ wide design
  • Rapid inflate valve
  • EVA rash guard
  • Quick connect towing attachment
  • Full wrap cover in speed skin – go faster, less friction
  • Lower back support
  • Cooling chamber in the back rest
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Free Shipping on Amazon

The Aquaglide Lanai Lounge towable is vibrant in color, setting the mood for your time spent on the water. Don’t let the looks fool you; it is built of highest quality materials that will give you and your friends many exhilarating fun rides. Memories of all the time spent with family and friends created will last a lifetime. This is a fantastic way to spend time with your family.

So much of our time is spent working that the time remaining to have fun can be lost. This towable with back support will be a motivator to get all the family together for a wild ride. Even those kids that like to sit in front of gaming systems or the computer will jump at the chance to get out on this towable. In this era of technology, finding fun things to do together can become a challenge but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why spend tons of money on trips for vacations that you have to work at having fun to take. There is most often water close by where you and your family can spend time just having pure fun. No one will care that it isn’t the exotic trip that some people dream about. This is especially true once they are out on the water with this lounge towable.

Make it a weekend or a weeklong vacation for the family and watch how much fun that everyone will have. Those are memories that last a lifetime. Bring a few friends and create even more fun. After an awesome time on the water, listen to who can tell the best story about their ride for the day.

Getting the towable ready could not be easier with the rapid inflate valve and quick connect towing attachment. Don’t forget this Aquaglide has an integrated cooler and cup holders in the backrest so bring along a beverage to enjoy. Lean back on the lower back support and take it all in stride. You and the family will have an awesome time together.

Purchase your lounge towable today and get everyone excited about the next trip to the water. After their first ride you will have a hard time getting them to want to do other things. Take a look at what the Aquaglide Lanai Lounge towable has to offer. See for yourself why so many people love the Aquaglide name and the quality water toys in their line.

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