Aquaglide Syncro 4 Person Towable: Party on the Water

Take your party to the water with the Aquaglide Syncro 4 Person Towable and have your guests never forget the time they traveled down memory lane in one of the coolest flotation devices ever.  Just picture the serene day where the breeze is coolly blowing through your hair and caressing your skin, goose bumps developing slightly, and surrounding you is your family and friends all beaming with smiles because they’re enjoying this towable tube.

Aquaglide GT 4 Person Towable – 585209011

It goes without saying that this four person seated towable lounge is comparable to none and for good reason, you’ve probably never laid your eyes upon anything like this ever before.  This takes the words portable lounge to a whole new level and it’s sufficed to say that the bar has been officially raised to extreme heights.

Features of Aquaglide Syncro Towable:

  • Accommodates 4 people
  • Rapid inflate valve
  • EVA rash guard
  • Quick connect towing attachment
  • Full wrap cover
  • Lower back support
  • 2 Way towing
  • Ultra wing
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Free Shipping

Style and Safety First!

Of course this 4 rider towable tube when fully inflated weighs up to 70 lbs, but that’s just to help the device stay atop the water comfortably while offering a stable ride.  You’ll also like the sound of perfectly positioned EVA rash guard hand grips that are easily accessible and will give the added comfort of being able to hang on when necessary.  Although you might also think that you probably won’t be traveling too fast while riding this behemoth of a floating tube, rest assured that you won’t be doing it in pain.

Aquaglide has also taken into consideration the comfort level of each rider and has ensured that back support is readily given and available to each passenger without obstructing any viewing opportunities.  You might also notice the ample leg room provided which makes this feature part of the icing on this particular floating cake.

Perhaps one of the handiest bonus features on this Aquaglide Syncro 4 rider inflatable raft is the convenience and functionality of a cold storage system as well as cup holders.  Now you won’t have to stop ashore every so often to rehydrate or have to worry about jostling cups while aboard.  Instead you’ll be able to stock up and set off on a relaxing afternoon of sitting on the water in style.

With another added bonus of rapid inflation due in part to the rapid inflate valve designed into this pseudo-boat, you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy the great outdoors even sooner than later.  So whether you’re in the mood for blistering speeds or just relaxing on the water in style, Aquaglide definitely has something for you and your family.  Remember, if you are in the market for a great family time home run, go out and get yourself this floating lounge and you’ll be satisfied for summers to come.

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