Aquaglide Airport Platinum Platform: Float Away the Day

Change the way you experience the water with the Aquaglide Airport Platinum Platform and it’s guaranteed you’ll be a believer by the end of the process.  When you first lay eyes on this beautiful water platform, the images that flash through your mind will probably resemble that of beds.  Of course the connection is undeniable, but this particular flotation tube is far more than a simple bed that sits atop the water.

Aquaglide Airport Platinum Platform – 585209104

No, Aquaglide had other ideas in mind.  This platform raft is amazingly perfect for those crowded days at the beach where you can’t find any decent real estate on a busy beach.  You know exactly the kind I’m referring to, the kinds where it’s back to back, shoulder to shoulder, and row upon row of towels and loud patrons.  Well, with this wonderful device, you’ll be able to take your weekend getaway to the next level.

Features of Aquaglide Platform:

  • Eight-sided for superior bounce and greater jump surface
  • Duratex™ material is the finest, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available
  • Materials specially treated for high resistance to the sun’s damaging rays
  • 14′ diameter
  • Hot air-welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability
  • Heavy duty stainless fittings and convenient Interlock straps for modular use
  • Includes convenient Swim Step TM access platform for easy boarding
  • The Super Tramp™ includes a 5 year warranty
  • Softpack Storage/Pillow not included
  • 5 stars from Amazon

Definitely No City of Atlantis

Rest assured that this investment won’t be easily sunk.  Aquaglide has painstakingly taken the time to make sure every aspect of this water lounge is completely up to fun and safety standards while exemplifying superb construction.  For instance if you begin with the hot air-welded seams that ensure high quality and longevity, you’ll be very thrilled about just how much abuse and damage this floating getaway can take.

Moving on, you’ll also notice that Aquaglide has decided to use Duratex material that is basically the crème de la crème of reinforced PVC available on the market today.  It’s also been treated with a special coating that helps to filter out the sun’s damaging rays that might cause deterioration in the fabric.  What does this all stack up to? It basically reinforces the idea that this floating device won’t go down without a fight.

Another added bonus feature is the actual size.  It amazingly spans a 14’ diameter and can accommodate up to three adults quite comfortably. So you won’t ever feel lonely while floating peacefully on your airport platinum raft.  Aquaglide even took the extra mile and added in a Swim Step that makes for easy access and exit from this raft.  That means no struggling and making a fool of yourself while trying to get atop of this flotation device; instead you’ll experience an elegant way of jumping on and getting off.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you avoided the crowds on the beach and lakefront and carved out some space for your very own? You and your family will appreciate this for years to come and it’s guaranteed that you will not find a better floating tube than this particular model!

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