Aquaglide 23′ Platinum Trampoline: More Bounce, More Fun

Living by or vacationing by the water is such a great experience, especially when the weather is warm and the sun is bright. You want to be able to get out and be on and near the water as much as possible. But, sometimes that can be a little boring. With a few extra pieces of equipment you, your family, friends and neighbors could have hundreds of hours of fun out in the water every year.  The great thing is this is not hard to do. You just need to know what to do to add that extra something that will really get everybody moving.

The Aquaglide 23′ Platinum Trampoline is a great addition to any private pond or lake or even larger body of water. With this great water toy, everyone around can have hours of fun that is not only healthy but can also bring people together.

Features of Aquaglide Water Trampoline:

Aquaglide Super Water Trampoline

  • Eight sided trampoline
  • Duratex™ material, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available
  • Materials specially treated for high resistance to the sun’s damaging rays
  • Radio frequency welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability
  • 23′ diameter
  • Includes convenient Swim Step TM
  • Includes I-Log and Rebound™ slide
  • Limited warranty against any and all manufacturing defects
  • Four star reviews on Amazon
  • Free Shipping on Amazon Prime

This 23’ Platinum trampoline has lots of great features to make everyone happy. It is an inflatable platform type rig.  It features an eight sided trampoline at the very center of the configuration. This alone makes for a great time but this Aquaglide product has much, much more to offer.

More Bounce, More Fun, More Exercise

There are three accessory pieces that make this a great system to have. The first is a Swim Step™ which is an easy access platform that allows you and your friends to climb easily back on the main body of the trampoline after jumping or bouncing off into the water. There is also another really cool feature called the Rebound™ slide; this is an inflatable slide that is a super cool way to get off the main body of the platform and into the water.

On top of all this, the play center has even more extras to make this one sweet deal. One of these is the I-Log, a fun balancing log that, when you add a few “boffer” sticks or wrestling kid, you have an instant gladiator “ring” right there on the water. On the end of the I-Log is another trampoline platform that is perfect for jumping off into the water.

Made out of Duratex® material, this whole system is built to stay safe and last for many years of enjoyment. Duratex® is one of the finest commercial grade fabrics on the market, reinforced with high quality PVC that makes it super strong and durable. All materials are treated for UV protection from the sun. This insures that fading, cracking, and damage will be at a minimum.

All the seams are radio welded to ensure strong, lasting seams. What you get from this process are seams that are of the best quality and great durability. There is even a limited warranty that protects you from all manufacturing defects. This can give you such piece of mind, especially with a purchase such as this one.

Take a look today at the Aquaglide 23′ Platinum Trampoline and in no time you, your family, friends, and neighbors could be out on the water having fun. Remember, shipping is Free! Click Here for Sale Pricing

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