Aquaglide 16’ Aquapark Rebound Water Bouncer – Water Fun at Its Best

WOW! A water trampoline…what a bouncy-fun idea! Do your kids like to bounce and soar on the trampoline out in the backyard? Can you imagine their delight if they were given the opportunity to enjoy the same thrills and spills on a water trampoline? The Aquaglide 16’  Aquapark Rebound Bouncer is the perfect water trampoline for your family.

Aquaglide 16' Platform Water Trampolines

Aquaglide 16′ Water Platinum Trampoline

The “Stone Age” in water trampolines has been left in the dust as the newest generation emerges with many long overdue engineering upgrades. These upgrades have enabled these water bouncers to become the gold-standard for water lovers all over the world. Take a look at the product specifications:

Product Specifications for Aquaglide Water Platinum Bouncer:


  • Aquaglide 16 foot water bouncer
  • Access platform

  • High power air pump

Aquaglide Trampolines Dimensions:

  • Inflated trampoline diameter – 16 feet
  • Jumping surface – 12 feet
  • Inflated height – 36 inches
  • FREE SHIPPING – Shipping box dimensions – 1 box: 40” x 12” x 27”

Capacity: Maximum bouncers – 5
Maximum loungers – 6 (1,000 pounds)

Assembly of Aquaglide Trampoline Bouncer:

  • Tools required – free inflation pump
  • Inflate tube using the free high-powered air pump
  • Attach the boarding access platform
  • Attach the bouncer to your anchoring system
  • Total average installation time: 15 to 20 minutes

Recommended anchoring weight: 100 to 150 pounds
Total of 3 carrying handles
Minimum water depth required for anchoring: 8 feet
Weight: 94 pounds
Swim step included – above noted optional accessories also available

Product Features:

  • Duratex fabric covers offer the finest commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available.
  • Radio frequency welded seams provide high quality with outstanding durability.
  • Octane shape is engineered with 8 sides. This trademark is known industry-wide to create a larger sweet spot and provide far superior jump quality.
  • UV Block is a trademarked treatment that helps the product to remain resistant to the damaging rays of the sun. This is the primary protection element to double the life expectancy of your water trampoline.
  • HD Grip trademarked heavy duty molded handles help to make boarding easier.
  • Swim Step is a trademarked boarding platform that makes climbing onto the platform so much easier. This outdates the old ladder system that required a fair amount of upper body strength.
  • Interloc trademarked snap on attachment system allows for quicker and easier set up and breakdown of your Aquaglide water trampoline.

Dimensions of Optional Accessories:

  • Inflated Slingshot Soaker Log dimensions: 15’L x 8’W x 19”H
  • Inflated i-Log dimensions: 10’L x 19”H
  • Inflated Y-Log dimensions: 15’L x 19”H
  • Inflated Runway dimensions: 20’L x 6’W x 9”H
  • Inflated Platinum Airport dimensions: 90”L x 90”W x 10”H
  • Inflated Revolution dimensions: 16.5’L x 8’W x 6’H
  • Inflated Summit Express dimensions: 25.5’L x 12’W x 15’H

This water bouncer will give your family hours and years of fun in the sun family time. As you can see from the specs and features, this is a premium quality product that will prove to be a great investment in a water sports toy for your kids that you will not regret making. The set up and breakdown won’t stifle the fun either as it is designed for quick and easy installation. And, it only requires 8 feet of water to anchor and use it safely, allowing it to be used in lakes, ponds, rivers and any body of water that will accommodate its overall size.

Is there an Aquaglide 16’ Water Platinum Bouncer in your family’s future? And…to make this water bouncer even more attractive, order from Amazon; the shipping is free!

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