Aquaglide 12′ Platinum Rebound Bouncer Set: Fun Water Package

Summer is quickly approaching and weather reporters are already saying that this year will be even hotter than last. When things get warm and you have time off what do you want to do most? The first thing that comes to mind is heading to the water for a swim and some serious fun. When you are loading up the kids or just you and some friends what sort of water fun comes to mind?

Check out the 12’ Platinum Rebound Bouncer Set from Aquaglide. This is an exciting way to add a great deal of fun to your warm summer day. A water trampoline allows you to bounce way up in the air and then fly off the side into the water. You can see how this could get real fun really fast, right? Imagine all the kids flying up and down while laughing and squealing. There is no better way to enjoy a day than to know everyone around you is having fun too.

Aquaglide Platinum Rebound Bouncer

Aquapark Water Trampoline Features:

  • Free Shipping
  • High-quality, 1000-denier, commercial-grade reinforced PVC
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Includes the i-log and rebound slide

This Aquaglide bouncer has been built from on the highest quality Duratex. This means that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Unlike a land locked trampoline the Aquapark set uses no springs meaning no worries about spring related injury. You will be able to get out to the water and get right to play with little to no difficulty at all. With the HD Grip feature you will be able to get this excellent water toy right where you want it or to board it quite easily.Click Here for Sale Pricing


Ultimate Addons

The 12′ Aquapark Bouncer Set includes a few added features that add an extra degree of fun for everyone. The SwimStep access platform will allow everyone to get right back up on the Bouncer without having to struggle. This makes it much easier to keep having fun rather than having to constantly worry with lifting everybody up and down.

This particular Aquapark set also includes a couple of extremely fun addons to help enhance the whole personal waterpark experience. The iLog and Rebound Slide both add an extra edge that kids and adults both will love. You can try walking out on the iLog just like a lumberjack trying to keep from falling into the water and laughing when you finally do.

The Rebound Slide is a fun way to dismount from the Bouncer. You can jump up in the air, land on the slide and fly off into the water screaming in fun the whole way. The great thing about this Aquaglide product is that these addons are easy to connect using the integrated Interloc system. This means less fighting with putting things together and more time having a blast!

There are only a few questions you will have to ask yourself. The first is how many people you are going to invite the first time you take your new Aquapark Water Trampoline Bouncer Set out. The second is how you can keep this much fun a secret just for you and the family for as long as possible. Take advantage of the free shipping today! Click Here for Sale Pricing

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