Airhead Revolution Spinning Towable Tube: To Spin Or Not To Spin

There it comes. Flying across the water, and spinning like a top, is a highly colorful object on the water. When you look close you can see four people holding on for dear life and yelling in enjoyment. Just what is this thing you see cutting across the water? Simple, it is another outstanding inflatable tube straight from Airhead. This maker of some of the most innovative water products today has done it yet again by bringing you this quirky but cool tube.

Kwik Tek Airhead SpinningTowable

Kwik Tek Airhead 2-Rider Revolution Spinning Towable

The Airhead Revolution Deluxe 2 Rider  Towable Tube from Airhead can only be described as one wild ride! When you hook it up to the boat and begin to pull it you will see just what this means. As the Airhead UFO inflatable tube moves through the water it will begin to spin on its axis. You will be able to watch your riders start to squeal in amusement. The riders will face each other allowing them to see just who can hang on the longest as they begin one of the wildest rides ever.

Features of Airhead Spinning Boat Tube:

* Includes 2 Boston valves and 4 mesh self-draining vents
* UFO style towable spins on its axis as it is towed along
* “NO SPINNING” harness provides more conventional tube ride when tow rope is threaded through it
* 86″ diameter is RF welded 30-gauge PVC bladder encased in double-stitched 840-denier nylon cover

It will be hard to tell which is more fun:  seeing the expression on their faces as you tow them behind you or the fun you will have as you get a turn on this wacky ride. 4 rider boat tubes are a great way to involve several people at once so no one sits by idly as others seem to get all the fun. Even if you and your friends or family don’t want the spin capability you are in luck. Simply use the No Spin Harness on the tube by threading the tow rope through it.

To Spin Or Not To Spin

This Airhead towable tube may be made for spinning, but your riders can have just as much fun riding it either way. The tow strap for this awesome tube has been reinforced to handle the stresses of carrying four riders. It also features swivels at each end made out of heavy duty stainless steel. This will allow you to ride securely knowing that the odds of swivel failure are practically nil.

The bladder of the Revolution Towable Tube is made from 30 gauge PVC that has been RF welded for the best seal possible. The outer skin is covered in 840 denier nylon that has been double stitched. The construction of this towable tube is second to none allowing you to enjoy it for some time to come. With proper upkeep you will get many great times out of it.

There are two Boston valves on the tube which allows for quick inflation as well as speedy deflating. There are also four built in vents made of mesh which allow water to quickly drain away. This will keep your riders from bogging down in the water.

There is no way you can deny the fun to be had with the awesome Revolution Spinning Towable Tube from Airhead. Go ahead and check it out now. Take advantage of the great price! Click Here for Sale Pricing

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