Airhead 3-Rider Viper Towable Tube: Fast and Furious

If the name doesn’t instantly give it away, the Airhead 3-Rider Viper Towable Tube is one fast and furious ride.  From the moment you lay your inspired and captivated eyes upon this magnificent beast of a towable tube you know that it’s going to be an intense ride littered with exciting bumps and grinds, as well as sharp twists and turns.

Airhead 3-Rider Viper Towable Tube

Airhead 3-Rider Viper Towable Tube

The cockpit inspired and styled seats place you in the prime position to take in all the sights and sounds as you float effortlessly on top of the water and take in the blistering speed and blurring images around of curious on-lookers and hopeful riders waiting to get a chance at taking their turn on this three person towable ski tube.

Summary of Features:

* Bottoms are shaped like boat hulls which is the key to the unparalleled lively and stable ride
* Vipers are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 rider towables
* Durable 30 gauge bladders encased in double-stitched nylon
* Striped nylon wrap handles have neoprene knuckle guards for comfort
* EVA “Indy Cap” covers Boston valve which quickly deflates and inflates device
* Free Shipping through Amazon

Of course the 3 person seating capacity makes this tow behind tube for kids and teens all the more enticing.  Just imagine yourself and two of your best friends sitting on opposite sides, feeling the cool wind flow off of your streamlined ride, caressing your face, it’s nothing you can describe and you’ll just keep coming back for more.

This Airhead viper tube also is rather quite stylish.  It seems that the designers and developers took some noticeable cues from the racing world.  For people who like to travel fast, you’ll notice the large numbers plastered all over the tube which brings to mind racing inspired motifs as well as the large viper and Airhead logos separately and strategically placed all over this magnificent fun water apparatus.

Thrill Ride of a Lifetime

This water toy definitely doesn’t disappoint and it shows through all the design features and qualities that you’ve come to expect from the minds and fun engineers at Airhead.  Take for instance the bottom of this towable tube: it is shaped and mimicked after the exact design of a boat’s hull.  This in turn ensures that riders always feel an even balance and stable ride without compromising the thrill delivery that has no rival.  Of course if the number of passengers doesn’t quite float your entire boat, this particular model is available in multiple riders’ schemes of up to four people.  You just won’t find the quality craftsmanship and flexibility to suit all of your needs and wants in any other package.

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You’ll also notice the durable 30 gauge bladders that are there to keep the integrity of the boat together.  The double stitched nylon also isn’t a shabby addition to the overall structure of this flotation device as well as maintains a quality comfort level throughout the entire ride.

If the cockpit isn’t quite enough, you’ll be able to latch on to the wonderful nylon wrapped handles that also take into huge consideration the total comfort of this Airhead viper tube.  Finally to finish of the racing inspired design, you’ll also notice the EVA “Indy Cap” covered Boston valve that delivers superior air transfer capabilities.

So if speed is definitely a need, look no further than this particular model of towable boat tube because it’s a guaranteed thrill ride each and every time you sit down in this awesome tube.  Click here NOW!

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