Towable Tubes: Four great reasons to love riding them!

It’s almost time for perfect weather for tubing – whether on the lake, river, ocean, or even the pool!!! Here are a few reasons to enjoy this fun water sport this year:

1. Towable Tubes are Easy!

Riding or floating on an inflatable tube is one of the easiest outdoor sports you can try. It doesn’t require strong abs, toned muscles, being able to touch your toes; you just have to be able to sit on your backside, or lay flat on your stomach, or kneel on your knees – and hold on. What can be easier that than?

Pulling 2 towable tubes behind the boat

2. Towable Tubes are for All Ages!

Riding the tubes is both for the young and for seniors. If you are being pulled by a boat, the speed can be adjusted to suit your temperament. And based on the size of the boat tube, there can be multiple riders: 2-riders, 3 riders, 4 or more persons. This is especially great if you have young children or someone who doesn’t want to be out on the water alone. You can even have a couple of tubes, and pull them both at the same time – that’s what we do with our airhead towables.

3. Towable Tubes are great for spending time with Family and Friends!

Being on the water with family or friends is a perfect outdoor activity. It’s great taking turns to ride on an inflatable towable tube, whether you’re waiting on the shore or riding in the boat. If you are waiting your turn from the shore, you can enjoy talking with others, swimming, or just enjoy watching the other riders on the tubes as they scoot across the water. You’ll also enjoy talking about the fun later – hopefully someone will have been taking pictures, and you can reminisce about the joy of skimming across the water – and who fell off first, and how many times.

4. Towable Tubes are still Exercise!

You may not have to be in great shape to be riding the waves, like wakeboarding or water skiing, but it still counts as exercise to be outside riding on a towable tube. You’re moving around, keeping your balance, maybe even swimming back to the tube if you accidentally take a tumble off the float during a wide turn! Being outside is just healthy anyway. The fresh air and sunshine are great ways to de-stress and just enjoy a day away from the usual routine that can get us in a rut.

As always, safety is key in any outdoor water sports activities. Wear life jackets or another type of personal flotation device; follow the rules and specifications provided with the equipment, and plenty of sunscreen. Also, if you are tubing behind a boat, be sure to know the hand signals so you can let them know if they need to slow down or stop.

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